by yWorks

YEd is a general-purpose diagramming program with a multi-document interface

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: yWorks

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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yEd is a simple but powerful application designed to create various kinds of diagrams. It allows you to draw and edit various network, process and organizational charts quickly and efficiently.

The program supports the following types of diagrams: hierarchical (defines the direction of the main flow in the schemes and networks, as well as determines the hierarchy of levels and dependencies), organic (defines the data inherent in different groups, gives an idea of the relationships of complex structures), orthogonal (creates clear diagrams using orthogonal connections in those places where there are a minimum of intersections and bends), tree-like (suitable for the organization of tree structures, the main elements in the construction of the cat´┐Ż All these features will allow you to draw you any necessary diagram. Working with yEd will not cause difficulties, as the interface is quite nice, thoughtful and intuitive at the intuitive level.

- allows you to build diagrams of almost any kind;

- is free and easy to use;

- contains a set of necessary tools for creating and editing diagrams;

- supports a large number of export formats;

- allows you to assign hotkeys.

I am a teacher and this application has been very helpful in the classroom. I use graphs almost every day to aid my student's thought processes for assignments and instead of spending hours manually making one I can just quickly make one with this which has saved me so much time. I can not recommend this enough to my fellow educators.
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