Yukon Solitaire

by Novel Games Limited

A challenging solitaire game where you move all cards to foundations by suit.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Yukon Solitaire 1.4.2

Antivirus check: passed

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The Yukon Solitaire software is an alternative and exciting version of the traditional Klondike Solitaire game. It's an engaging game that involves moving all cards to four foundations in sequences from Ace to King. The game offers a unique card distribution, requiring different strategies to achieve the goal, making it an appealing choice for card game enthusiasts.

When launching Yukon Solitaire, 52 cards are dealt into seven piles on the board. The farthest left pile contains only one visible card, while the other piles contain one to six concealed cards arranged from left to right, with five cards visible on top. The four foundations are located at the top of the screen, and each successfully moved card to a foundation scores 500 points.

  • Unique card layout: Cards are dealt into seven piles at the start of the game, providing a different gaming setup from traditional Solitaire.
  • Group card movements: A group of cards can be moved to another pile if the starting card of the group alternates in color and is immediately lower in rank than the top card of the target pile.
  • Card revelations: When the turned cards from a pile are removed, the hidden top card can be revealed, adding an additional dimension to the game's strategy.
  • Occupation of empty piles: An empty pile can be occupied by a King or a group of cards starting with a King, offering more movement possibilities.
  • Quit option: If game progress is unsatisfactory, the "Quit" button can be clicked to stop the current game.

The Yukon Solitaire game provides a unique gaming experience that will test your problem-solving and strategy skills. With its unique card layout and slightly different rules, Yukon Solitaire is an excellent alternative to traditional Solitaire. Challenge your friends and family and find out who will be the ultimate champion.

The Yukon Solitaire software enhances strategic thinking skills by offering a unique and exciting Solitaire gaming experience.
Requires operating system Windows 7 or above.
Minimum 512MB RAM required.
Requires DirectX 9.0 for graphics.
At least 100MB of free hard drive space.

Provides unique, challenging card layout
Offers group card movements feature
Allows occupation of empty piles

No option to save game progress midway.
Does not offer multiplayer mode.
Lacks detailed strategy guide for new players.
Yukon Solitaire app is super addicting and fun!