by MicroSmarts

A simple tool that allows you to compress files to a very high degree

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MicroSmarts

Release: ZipItFree 2.30

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ZipItFree is an excellent little compression program that is functional, easy to use, and stress-free. You can install it in minutes with the very simple and easy to use installation program that comes with it. Once it's installed, it integrates fully with your Windows system. You can open the program and add files through the interface, or you can right-click on a bunch of files in Windows and select to zip them. Either way, the program is elementary to use.

If you choose to go through the full program, you'll notice that the ZipItFree interface itself isn't the most modern or impressive. While that brings the program down slightly, it's clear that the developers chose to spend time developing the compression algorithm instead of making it visually fancy. I think that's a fair trade-off. Creating files through the Windows menus does mostly let you avoid this ugliness.

The developers created a method called the Black Hole method of creating zip files. This allows for very high compression ratios, even better than WinZip or WinRAR. Additionally, the Black Hole method allows for the file to be decompressed in a concise amount of time. Because of this, the program is very fast and efficient to use.

If you're worried about security ZipItFree uses the ZipV2 encryption algorithm, which is the most secure method for archiving. This makes it absolutely sure that nobody who you don't want to see the contents of your archives will be able to see them!

Additionally, it lets you add comments to your archives so you or your friends would be able to quickly see what each archive contains without having to spend the time to decompress each individual archive!

As its name implies, ZipItFree is absolutely free. It does require Windows 7 or higher to run. It's a great program to check out that is truly worthwhile.

ZipItFree 1.80 (4.14 MB)
ZipItFree 2.30 (4.51 MB)
Carrie Moore
Although ZipItFree isn't the prettiest application, it certainly gets the job done. I've always used Winrar, but because of ZipItFree's black hole feature, I'll be using ZipItFree from now on. It is so much faster than any other compression application I've used.
Being someone in a profession where I have to compress a lot of files to share with clients and co-workers alike, it has been hard to find good software to accomplish my task. ZipItFree has done all that I needed it to and being free, which makes it a great investment for my small business. Since it can handle a wide assortment of file types, this also makes it perfect for me as well. It is quick and efficient!
Riley Booth
ZipIt uses shareware data compression utility for archiving and compressing files on different Mac systems. it is highly compatible with PKZIP on MS-DOS machines. It has advanced user interface.It also offered a number of automation features.
It is entirely free easy software Windows xp/vista/server2008/7 version. Its installation process is very aggressive and doesn't supports all formats. Encryption strength is not enough. But its very secure and easy to compression an decompression. It can support and handle multiple formats.
First and foremost, ZipItFree is FREE! This program compresses files down to the smallest form it possibly could be compressed into and is functional for both Vista and Windows 7. It does not seem to be compatible with Mac devices which is unfortunate but for Windows users, this seems like a wonderful tool to use. This is a very secure way to compress and decompress your files in a timely manner. However, the installation process for getting ZipItFree is very aggressive and not very user-friendly so make sure you are technologically savvy.
ZipItFree is a software application that will work in the windows computer system. it has the feature of supporting multiple formats. the reason behind this program development is to give a reliable opportunity to compress file documents. And this program also allows the format types of ARC, BH, BZip, and so on. the people who work with large file documents can use this application. they don't need any assistance to install this application it is full of free of cost.
Fantastic program with super high compression ratios and fast decompression, saving me a lot of time when manipulating files. The encryption algorithm is incredibly secure, meaning I can feel safe using ZipItFree. Overall I am very happy because I still use windows 7 and this program is still working fine for me.
WinZip has been disappointing so I switched to ZipItFree and was positively impressed. It has so-called black hole compression technology which allows you to compress files at a very high ratio rate, this is incredibly efficient and better than its competitors from what I've found. The UI and layout are very clean and simple and it handles various file formats very capably and in a fast manner.
ZipItFree is a free alternative for compressing files. It provides high compression ratios and also very fast decompression. However, it has been found to be very aggressive during installation and may lead the user to inadvertently install extra unwanted software. The interface is not up to par with some other similar compression programs. However, it does offer a very secure encryption algorithm providing increased protection for your files.
ZipItFree is one of the easiest software to use in the history of software. As you can see it in the name of the software it is free to use or no other hidden charges but the only problem with this software is that it is not compatible with the newest operating systems. Even though it has more compression rate than any other compressing software in the market and it lacks in interface and it's compatibility.
ZipItFree is a software where we can supress or compress the files which are having high storage and it is an alternative for winzip software
I have been using windows system and this software is very much useful for zipping the files. the file size after compression is more less when compared with other zipping tools. the compression time is also very mush less and makes the user to save time. the elappsed time for conversion made the system utilization also less consumption, worth a lot to the users
Economical and efficient, compresses files at high rates. Easy to install software. Secure encryption. Handles several file formats. Recommended for anyone.
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