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Available free now, 8 Zip Lite is not just a tool to unzip your files.  You can use it to not only unzip files sent you over email or downloaded but it can be used to create compressed files as well. Save bandwidth, space on the hard drive, and send large emails such as audio, pictures, large documents, and even video over email.  It is one of the easiest to use and due to this, it is one of the most effective tools you should have on your computer in order to save time. With this efficiency, save time for doing other things to run your business or get more work done in general or get more school work completed. The formats accepted are Zip and Winrar files, Gzip, TAR. Bzip2   and 7z.  Safety is the biggest feature of this software so you can rest well that what is unzipped is safe of a virus and male ware.  It offers a preview for audio, video, and pictures while the software is running.  The software can be set up to automatically open your files when complete under user preferences.  So rather than searching online or using multiple kinds of software to open files and losing time and money, try 8 Zip lite now.  


  • Free compression tool
  • Free decompression tool
  • Safe from viruses
  • No adware to slow you down

In summary, free 8 zip lite is easy to use, capable, powerful, reliable,  complete and convenient to use.  It can handle a large range of software types so it is one-stop software for all of your business, personal and school needs.  So if you are looking for a free, no-nonsense tool that will save you time and aggravation, look no further than 8 Zip lite available for free download from the Windows Store now.  Try it now, you will not be disappointed.

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Laura H
I have been looking for a good zip file. 8 Zip Lite sounds like it will be suitable for all kinds of programs and looks like it is very easy to use. I will definitely be interested in knowing more about this product and trying it out.
8 Zip Lite for Windows is the best free compression and decompression tool available for Windows. It's free but available for upgrade for a low cost, although the free lite version is perfect for the average user. It works on both ZIP and RAR files and also has new Continuum and Cortana features that can't be found in all similar products. It makes sharing and downloading files much easier in day-to-day use.
This compression software allows me to zip up my files on Windows. It frees up space on my computer for other things like videos and photos. I've used it a bunch of time and it's super easy to create RAR, ZIP, Iso and Cab for free. Yes, this is all free of charge. I also use this software to zip up my files before backup so that I can save space. This is a great software all around.
8 Zip Lite is an amazing windows software that offer the user a very reliable and user-friendly solution used to quickly create archives or extract files. It is offer a very user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and use
8 Zip Lite is a light-weight program that allows users to open, and decompress .zip and .rar file types. 8 Zip Lite has an interesting feature in that it allows the user to view files inside the zip or rar file from within the program, before opening or unpacking the file. 8 Zip Lite also features support for a wide multitude of languages, over twenty-five languages are supported. With a robust level of customization and user control, 8 Zip Lite is a solid option for the other unpacking programs out there.
Easy to use app for single click compression of big files on your computer. Anyone can do it, you won't need to be a techie or unfamiliar with technical words in order to compress or decompress your files. And they even have password protection for your sensitive videos, contents, documents, files too. They even support more than 25 languages for non-native English speakers to guide you through zipping your files. You can also view your music or video directly from the application using their free software app.
8 Zip-Lite with its high-speed archiving, unpacking, decrypting abilities, technologies and supports make this program a dominating force amongst its predecessors. Now that it is finally available to be used fully and universally across devices all by using the same code it is only growing its strength for the consumer's convenience. There is both a free version that only allows the user to work with ZIP archives and a Paid version that allows for full-featured work with other formats.
Yet another file zipper. It does what it's supposed to do. Not impressed that it lacks RAR format, but it does have other features that make up for this. I did not have any issues using it while testing it out.
it is very useful. Share files of any size, quickly and easily. Get your team file sharing that's easy to manage and scale
8 Zip Lite is really a great software used to decompress ZIP and RAR files which is compatible with all versions of Windows. The main advantage of this software is that we can view all contents are there in the Zip files directly in the application itself. For those contents which have to be shared personally or confidential, a password protection feature is also present. One negative point to be specified is that the free version of this software does not support RAR and 7z formats.
High speed of unpacking and it knows over 25 languages, play music and video directly in the app itself It is easy to use, capable, powerful, reliable, complete and ,convenient to use
8 Zip Lite is used to decompress ZIP and RAR files. We can use this software for free. this is user-friendly and is so compatible. We can view the file content directly from the software. Anyone can use this software. This software is most helpful for people who are using more social media platforms.
8 Zip Lite for Windows is my new favorite software for quickly and easily unzipping ZIP files. I use the free version on a Windows PC. It's super easy to use, especially if you've already tried other programs for decompressing files. All you have to do is open the application, click on "Open File" and then the application takes care of the rest. Decompressing ZIP files with a simple click makes this such a good choice. Because of my work, I receive a lot of ZIP files, so I love having 8 Zip Lite for Windows and highly recommend it if you need an easy way to unzip compressed files. Give it a try! :)
Mason G.
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