WinRAR Portable


All of the amazing functions of WinRAR but at a much smaller size

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RARLAB

Release: WinRAR Portable 5.70

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinRAR Portable is simply the portable version of the world famous and much loved WinRAR. It archives and extracts files just as well as the larger WinRAR does.

WinRAR Portable is a great solution if you need to transfer a large file to a computer without internet access and all you have is a small USB stick. You can archive the large file into a small rar file on the first computer, copy that file to your USB stick along with WinRAR Portable and then run WinRAR Portable right off your USB stick on the target computer to extract the much larger file to the new computer. This would be a fast and painless process and it would function exactly as you would expect it to from any other use of WinRAR.

If you're creating an archive with WinRAR Portable you can add a password on to the archive to make sure that nobody you don't want to see your files will be able to have access to them. You can set the archiver to test the archive after it's done creating. This is a great way to make sure that the archive was created successfully with no errors. It will save you time and possible embarrassment from trying to use a bad file if you just take it to the target computer without testing. You can also set WinRAR Portable to delete the original files from your computer if you'll no longer need them after archiving. This could be useful if you're trying to save space on your computer or if you're changing over to the new computer entirely.

WinRAR Portable can run on pretty much any device you could possibly have. There are versions for Windows, Android, Linux, and the mac available. It is a free utility that is really useful in lots of different situations. So it's definitely worth trying out if you ever have the need of transferring a large file to a computer without internet access.

WinRAR Portable is a great archiving program that you can take anywhere with you!

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