2 Minute Timer

by NJS Computing Services

Simple visual way to keep track of two minutes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NJS Computing Services

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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2 Minute Timer for Windows is a great super simple program that helps you keep track of how long two minutes is while allowing you to focus on something else. It can be great for taking a short break in the middle of a project or seeing how much you can accomplish within that period.

Once you boot up the program you'll see a nice light blue screen with the numbers 120 in a white box on it. To the left of that you'll see a start button and below it a stop button. That's the entire program and demonstrates how simple it is to use and learn. If you want to start the countdown simply click the start button. You'll hear a male voice confirming that the countdown has started and then if you're still looking at the screen you'll see the numbers begin to count down.

If you want to pause the timer for any reason, you can click the stop button, then once you want to resume it you can click the start button again. You'll hear the male voice confirming both of these clicks as well. The countdown functions smoothly and is easy to watch if you have your focus on it.

Once it reaches zero, you'll hear that same male voice tell you that time's up. This is very useful if you're focusing on something else for this two minute period because you'll know exactly how much time has passed and what to do with it.

Overall this is a great little program to use if you want to keep track of short break periods or you just want to measure a task for two minutes. It's quick to install and get set up and there aren't any confusing options or on-screen clutter once you do have it running.

Lets you keep track of time while focusing on other things
2 Minute Timer for windows is used to time 2 minutes in full screen. It is powerful tool to implement Two minute rule. This timer countdown in seconds and its easy to use also. It has start and stop buttons to operate this timer.
Leo R.
2 Minute Timer is a free desktop application that allows users to quickly and easily set a timer for two minutes. It can be used to remind users to take breaks, practice focus and mindfulness, or to keep track of time during a task. The application features a customizable alarm sound, as well as a pause and reset button. It can be used on both Windows and MacOS.
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