3D Object Converter

Validate and convert your 3D model files

Operating system: Windows

Release: 3D Object Converter 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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3D Object Converter is a photography tool developed by Zoltán Kárpáti.  It is an interactive viewing tool that allows the imports of 3D model data from external sources into one of its numerous file formats with high-quality accuracy. It is actively used in China, Germany, and Turkey.


  • Supports more than 700 file formats such as GEO, OBJ, R3D, DBV, HCR, OB3, IMG, 3DP, ASP, among others.
  • uses the 3D polygon model translation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports batch processing
  • Licensed shareware for the windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Perform geometry transformation operations

3D Object Converter is a light program that requires less space on installation. Its user interface is very friendly and grants two options for adding files: the drag and drop of files into the primary panel and the built-in browsing function.

It helps users to validate their 3D model files and allows the convertion of data to different file formats.

With its batch processing feature, multiple 3D models can be added to the conversion list, all executed at the same time. This powerful tool helps users manipulate their data and save them in the selected directory or in the same directory as the original data as desired. Additionally, this tool maintains a log which offers details about the conversion process' operation, possible errors, and can be exported.

3D Object Converter's configuration settings allow a user to make changes to the size of the point, vertex, and face, as well as select the color of objects while checking for updates, deleting scenes, drawing and automates recognizable file formats. The use of command line parameters also comes in handy as 3D Object Converter supports ASCII file loader technology and incorporates a dynamic memory allocation procedure.

Finally, 3D Object Converter offers a unique method for manipulating 3D data and converts it to different file formats.

Dillon Tidgewell
I found this very easy to use. The design is intuitive and easy on the eyes. The fact that it supports over 700 file types is great because I won't end up having to go buy another piece of software if I have to use a more obscure file format some time.
Elijah Richardson
With all the new software that comes out yearly, finding something that can serve as a medium or catalyst between multiple formats progressively gets more difficult. Being able to import hundreds of file formats, batch process them, all in a efficient program with a good interface is great for anyone that needs to handle 3D model data.
the 3d object converter is a new idea that I have not seen before. the good part is that the website proves pictures and the most important thing is that the website is colored and user friendly. I also think I good addition would be live examples.
3D Object Converter is a versatile software that allows 3D models from apps such as AutoCAD or 3DS Max to be opened within the program and converted to other formats. The sources can be external and provides all of the essential purposes to edit the quality, preview edits, and convert in groups if need be. The 3D Object Converter is a precision application and gets it right.
3D Object Converter is a 3D model conversion software is and is perfect for those looking to visually design their own projects on their Windows PC or laptop. It is lightweight, simple, elegant, easy-to-use and still very powerful in its effects. It allows the user to individually examine 3D objects and files, and also provides a set of tools for all applications of 3D editing.
a great Windows software for converting 2d images and editing them into 3d animations.
If you have a 3D model that you want to convert into a new format then look no further than 3D Object Converter. You'll be able to modify any model of your choice using the Object Converter. You'll also be able to take advantage of the Object Converter's many distinguishing features; for example, you'll be able to preview any changes you make before saving them. You'll also be able to make batch conversions.
Very efficient software to convert 3D model and use it across multiple software. Supports a huge range of formats. More than 814. Very useful for VFX artist and 3D modellers. It is also portable which is handy and saves memory from installation files. Different preview modes like wireframe, gourad shading are one of the noteable additional features. The material can also be edited. Overall it's a lowkey 3d software used for conversion of 3d formats.
Definitely one of the best 3D Object Converter's that i've encountered so far. Competes well with Blender, and is completely free. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now to work on some personal projects and I haven't encountered any major issues. All of my models so far have been high quality, and don't take too long to render. A very useful tool, i'd recommend highly.
You can easily convert your projects into 3D objects with this software. You can easily spin and see your object from all sides and is free software. It is great for game modding, 3D design, and 3D printing projects. It is fast and easy, and coverts with just a few clicks. If you are interested in 3D printing, this software is for you!
As its names states this software allows you to create a three-dimensional figure or the other way around. Your client will decide which format he wants his product to be displayed either 3D or two dimensional
3D Object Converter is a photography tool that allows the viewing of imported models from external features, such as AutoCAD, into various formats. There are over 700 file formats supported, such as OB3, IMG, 3DP, and R3D. Other notable features include batch processing and a user-friendly interface. 3D Object Converter is a light program that completes tasks efficiently, without losing accuracy or quality.
its a tool to convert objects very easily into a 3d object data from different sources.its perfect use for beginners.this tool is perfect for a unique try.
3D Object Converter for windows is the best application software. Users can easily convert the 3d model files of data in a various file format automatically such as IMG, OBJ, GEO, ASP, HCR, etc.,. It is a user-friendly application. users can easily change the setting of the object by size, face and vertex. we can convert the 2d images to 3d animation by editing it. It is fast and easy to covert with in few clicks.
3D Object converter software helps to convert 3D models from external sources. It is the most stable, easy-to-use software. Hence for beginners, it is very easy to understand. There were so many formats so users can convert 3D models as per the required format. In addition to that quality of rendering, and models is very high, each and every model will be precise and accurate. Therefore users will enjoy converting models. The interface of this software is very simple so that the options given can be easily able to understand. Though it has many formats of rendering users can convert the model as per clients' requirement. With these valuable options, it is finally able to meet the client's needs. The speed of the software is very high. Overall this software is very interesting and it has a free trial which helps to experience the basics and interface of the software.
3D object converter is the software application which is used to completes tasks with high degree of accuracy and quality. It is the perfect software who is looking to visually design their own projects in windows PC or in laptop. It is the fastest and easiest to use 3D model converting software in the market. It requires less space than the average program in design and photography. It allows to import 3D model data from external souces with great accuracy and quality.
it is conversion tool for various different 3d model formats. We can change the different 3d application sucah as 3dmax or auto cad.We can open and convert to other formats.
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