3D Rad

by Fernando Zanini

A freeware development tool used to create 3D games, interactive 3D applications and physics-based simulations for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fernando Zanini

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Last revision: Last week

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3D Rad is a free game creation software. The program is quite simple, but allows you to create relatively complex games. There are many examples that come with 3D Rad.

3D Rad allows you to work with light, sounds, particles, textures, shaders, animations and many other elements of game construction. Transparency can be used to create textures. Objects in the game can be equipped with artificial intelligence (two examples of AI are in the project database).

The level may be raining or snowing, for example. To do this, you need to apply effects. In addition to weather conditions, you can decorate your game with light spots, blurring, glare, water, etc. Objects such as fog, fire, mirror, etc. are also supported.

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3D Rad is a freeware development tool used to create 3D games, interactive 3D applications and physics-based simulations for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
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Josh V.

3D Rad is a 3D game making engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily create 3D video games and interactive simulations. It uses a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to quickly and easily create games with stunning visuals and realistic physics. 3D Rad also allows users to export their projects to a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.
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Cameron Yacoubian

3D Rad software is a great tool for creating 3D worlds and games. It is easy to use and provides a good workflow for quickly creating game levels. The graphical user interface is intuitive, allowing users to quickly learn the basics and get to work. The library of objects and textures is extensive, and the shader editor is great for tweaking the look of your creations. The physics engine is very well integrated into the software, allowing for realistic movement and interaction of objects in the world. The software also includes an event editor for easily scripting complex behaviors. Overall, 3D Rad is a great tool for creating 3D worlds and games with a lot of potential.
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Jacob V*********v

1. 3D Rad is an easy-to-use and comprehensive software for creating 3D games and simulations. 2. The interface is intuitive and the tutorials included are helpful for getting started. 3. The built-in assets provide a good starting point for game and simulation development, but the limited number of assets can be a disadvantage. 4. The physics engine provides a realistic result and allows for realistic behavior of objects.
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Jack Cochard

This software is a powerful tool for creating 3D games and simulations. It offers an intuitive interface for designing environments, characters, and objects. One of its main features is the ability to import assets from other programs, such as Blender or SketchUp. It also supports scripting with a built-in language, making it possible to program interactive elements and behaviors. Overall, this software is a great choice for developers who want to create 3D content quickly and easily.
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Benjamin Ramick

The software provides a user-friendly interface for designing 3D environments and objects.
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