Construct 2 Free Edition

by Scirra Ltd

A software allowing one to create their own 2D games for free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Scirra Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Construct 2 is a multifunctional HTML5 constructor designed to create games. The program only works with 2D graphics.

The constructor is positioned as a simple editor that does not require programming and scripting skills. Although for advanced developers there is integration with the Javascript SDK. This allows you to create your own plugins to extend the editor's functionality. You can also download third-party plugins from the official Construct 2 forum.

The editor interface is divided into 3 parts. On the right side are the windows of objects and projects. On the left is the column of properties and settings. And in the center - the main working screen, which has several tabs of events, layers and the game itself.

The program is equipped with several demo examples. The finished game can be loaded in the first mode (Run layout button). On the example of Ghost Shooter or Space Blaster test games, you can make sure that each created project has a tree structure of folders. This includes layers, objects, sounds, music, events and files. All game objects are linked by events (Events). The editor uses different types of behavior (Behaviors) to describe the properties of these objects.

In terms of speed of creation Construct 2 overtakes many other 2D-editors. The user does not need to know the programming language, but just read the manual and prepare graphic and audio files for his game. But this still applies to a simple platforming tool, for which all standard tools are used. For more complex projects you will have to use plugins and Javascript. And for commercial use you need to buy Business Edition.

- a preview of the game right in your browser;

- 30 built-in plugins;

- 70 visual effects to choose from;

- export to HTML5 (browser game);

- the program is compatible with the Javascript SDK.

If you're looking for a way to build your own computer games, then check out Construct 2 Free Edition for Windows. This program lets you develop your own games regardless of how little programming experience you might have in your arsenal. The development environment couldn't be easier to learn since it allows you to drag and drop components and does not require you to know any computer code.
Max T.
Construct 2 Free Edition is a powerful game maker, enabling anyone to create HTML5 games quickly and easily. It includes a visual editor featuring a powerful event system, allowing you to bring your game to life with no programming knowledge. Construct 2 also provides a wide range of features, effects and plugins to refine your game and make it stand out.
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