8085 Simulator

by J-Tech Softwares

A simple, yet informative simulator, capable of training new users 8085 and Assembly

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: J-Tech Softwares

Release : 8085 Simulator 1

Antivirus check: passed

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8085 is a great choice for anyone in search of a comprehensible, easy-to-use simulator, packed with many useful features and varied configurations. The software consists of training your coding, as well as structuring skills, and general architecture knowledge. The program also gives tools such as a trainer kit, to help you understand all the functionality around the hardware-related stuff and more. 8085 simulator also features some other tools, like simple analytics systems, sample programs, different configs for better customization, and more.

Software like this, of course, demands that you have Java installed on your device/operating system. If you do, running the simulator is as easy as double-clicking the file, really making getting into the software plain simple. Other than that, it also features fairly detailed documentation, as well as source code for anyone thinking about completing the software or making it into something completely new. There are, also, different versions to choose from, allowing for a greater variety of release editions, suitable for everyone.


8085 Simulator is a handy simulator, useful for anyone seeking quality 8085 and Assembly simulator with many examples and features

  • Disassembler editor, which supports diverse hex file formats, comes with handy Auto spacing, reverse tracking from code, and Syntax highlighting 
  • Memory editor, with 3 variations of an interface to choose from, makes for a bigger variety. Shows lots of useful data, which in turn can be edited to your liking, such as choosing memory range, etc.
  • Fast crash recovery for carefree programming, without fear of losing any data due to crashes and electricity shutdowns 
  • Plethora of useful built-in tools, all helping greatly with organizing and editing code. These include the insert delay, number conversion, as well as interrupt service tool and more.
  • Debug tools allow for step-by-step debugging of your program and its subsequent execution. It also makes for continuation from the break-point.

In short, the 8085 Simulator provides a great utility for all learning coders, extending the possibilities of writing in languages such as 8085 and Assembly. It is common knowledge that such languages are hard to perfect and generally utilize effectively, but this software choice does indeed help with it, in an enjoyable manner. 

Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system
At least 1 GB RAM
100 MB free disk space
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher

Interactive tool aiding understanding of microprocessor programming.
Detailed visual representation of microprocessor operations.
Includes complete set of debugging, tracing tools.

Interface can be overwhelming for beginners.
Lacks advanced features for expert users.
No multi-language support in the software.
A flexible JSON processor to parse and manipulate data from your command line.
A static analysis tool for code analysis, navigation, and organization
An issue tracker that’s suitable for small projects