AdoramaPix Export Plugin

by alloyphoto

Photoshop kind of a software which helps the photographers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: alloyphoto

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AdoramaPix Export Plugin is a kind of software that helps photographers to edit their pictures and get access directly from Adobe Lightroom to the AdoramaPix platform for further processing or printing. The software mostly helps professional photographers and also beginners with their printing experience. The software requires a very minimalistic, straightforward system for executable installation of the software in the system. It provides a wide range of tools rather than the other plugins which are available on the platform. The user needs to simply create an account and login into their separate account by providing the needed information or credentials for future access.

Once its done the user has to log in and setup the things for its task, such as editing the pictures, and the plugin is very easy to handle. The software is designed to perform specific tasks such as retouching the images and finalizing them for the next process, which the export section. The user has to select the destination from the relevant menu option, which is AdoramaPix. Then the software specifies the desired album where the user have to upload their document or image file. The user can add wherever they want in their system memory, but the only important thing is that they have to focus on the directory clearly. The user can also create a new one or edit the previous one. The system also provides information regarding the documents such as date, time, name or number of photos, etc.

AdoramaPix helps user to edit their albums in just a few steps. When it comes to configuration, the software enables the user to validate the properties of the image and its settings before the uploading process. Finally, the plugin allow access to the users to utilize their preference on overwriting the entire work. The user can able to decide whether they have to continue with the existing file, which is, overwrite it, create a new one or skip the duplicate entries of the image in the plugin. Totally it's a wonderful platform for the user to edit pictures or other image oriented documents.

it provides direct access to the the photographers rather than editing on other tools

  • Connecting easily from the Adobe Lightroom
  • Provides a wide variety of options desirable to the user
  • Free 10 days trail version is also available
  • Specially designed for windows
  • wide range of menu options for editing pictures
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