Advanced Encryption Package

by SecureAction Research LLC

A paid security suite that is compatible with Windows-based computers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SecureAction Research LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Advanced Encryption Package is a professional program designed to encrypt and decrypt various files and text. In the settings, you can choose from a variety of encryption algorithms - AES, DESX, BLOWFISH, RC2 and others. In addition, the program has a feature of irretrievably deleting files, encrypting e-mails, generating passwords and much more.

Advanced Encryption Package is implemented in the standard Windows interface, but it also supports the command line and can be integrated into the explorer context menu. An application can be very useful if you have multiple users on the same computer, some of whom need to restrict access to certain files.

Advanced Encryption Package consumes very little system resources and a detailed manual is built into the program for beginners.

- easy to use for beginners, easily integrated into the context menu of the conductor;

- Strong cryptographic algorithms to protect important documents;

- the ability to encrypt both text and files;

- symmetric and asymmetric algorithms of data destruction;

- securely deleting files forever;

- The ability to use USB storage devices to store keys;

- full command line support.

Seems like a very useful product for family computers or work computers. It says it is easy to use. I would have to have more information in order to feel comfortable using the product though, as i'm not sure how it works or how easy or hard it would be to use personally.
This product is extremely useful if you are dealing with a PC or laptop with low memory or ram. It uses very little system resources, and can also assist in deleting files forever instead of just moving to the trash bin in your computer, still taking up space. A great product for encryption, keeping your information safe, without taking up precious bytes of memory.
My test system's fast installation didn't install desktop icons. The software was started by pressing Windows and inputting its name.  The primary window has a file/folder tree with icons and functions to the right and below.   Below them is a dockable Encryption panel with extensive settings. Below the file/folder tree, you may select file types and set the encryption output folder. Recent action is logged. It is recommendable for windows users.
Max J.
Advanced Encryption Package is a comprehensive software package that provides users with a powerful and comprehensive suite of encryption tools. It includes military-grade encryption algorithms, secure file deletion, file shredding, file wiping, secure email, secure chat, and secure file sharing. It is designed to protect data in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information is kept safe from unauthorized access.
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