Protected Folder

by IObit

It use one master password for all of them

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IObit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Protected Folder is a solution for protecting folders and files with a password, or setting a read/write deny. The program is perfect for a computer that uses multiple users. After it is launched, it is suggested to set up a password for access, after which the interface is opened for work. All files and folders that you want to restrict access to can be imported using a file browser or drag & drop, and batch processing is supported. Immediately after adding data to the list, access to them is blocked. In the settings panel, you can set options for accessing this data to hide or disallow writing/reading. In order not to forget the password, you can create a hint in the form of additional text. You can also create an exception list, set up effects, and set up an interface language.

A small amount of system resources is used for the program operation. Instructions are available, with screenshots for beginners. Removing the Protected Folder also requires a password to access it. Files blocked by the program will not be affected after deletion.

- is very simple and easy to use;

- it's possible to hide the file;

- to block access to files;

- advanced protection against viruses and spyware.

I like the concept of protection a folder. Protecting files is nothing new - I can already do that within Excel, Word, etc., but I have never tried to protect an entire folder and honestly don't know if that is even possible within the Windows operating system. I can see the usefulness of this product.
This can be a solution to password protect files and folders and to protect against read or write. There are situations where it becomes very important to restrict access to certain documents within the computer. It's worth a try when the security of your data is important or secret. The idea is very cool.
The protected folder helping to keep your important information secure is a good thing to have. Since it is protect by anti-viruses it makes it superior to other programs. Also, it is very easy to use. This protects you against theft from hackers.
When working in file security this software is nigh essential for protecting files on a windows PC. It is simple and easy to protect and lock personal or system files with this software in order to prevent mal intentions or breaches. Protected Folder is of great use in the work place for protecting sensitive files from unwanted users. Never have a I found a more useful product in this vein. I highly recommend Protected Folder to anyone PC security conscious or concerned.
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