AKVIS Sketch


Turn your photos into beautiful pencil sketches

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AKVIS

Release: AKVIS Sketch 20.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AKVIS Sketch is a powerful application for Windows that allows users to convert their images to a stunning pencil sketch. Photos can easily be changed to look like colorful sketches with no paint, brushes, canvas, or smock required! AKVIS Sketch can be used as a plugin to different photo editing programs, or on its own.


  • Offers two sketch conversions, Artistic and Classic
  • Includes an easy to use interface and sliders
  • Various preset designs available
  • Customize sketches by editing colors and applying techniques, such as watercolor or pencil
  • Personalization of sketches available through watermarks, signatures, and more
  • Batch processing allows for multiple image conversions
  • The plugin is compatible with multiple other applications

AKVIS Sketch is the software that people have been dreaming of. Without needing to have much artistic ability, this software allows for the transformation of a photo into a beautifully sketched picture. There is a multitude of reasons why this software is useful, from creating gifts and posters to comic books. No matter your artistic niche, AKVIS Sketch covers them all.

Can be operated both independently as a software or as a plugin

This highly intelligent software runs as an independent program, as well as a plugin to other photo editors. The simplicity of the interface allows for ease of use in creating any sketch that your heart desires in the techniques that are available. For example, if you are looking to create illustrations or a comic book, this program offers batch processing to convert a series of images, speeding up the process.

Photos come to life as colorful sketches, all with their own unique story and strokes. The different techniques, presets, and designs allow for a different result for each different project if that is something that is desired. There is no way to go wrong with this program.

The functions of the software may vary depending on the license type, ranging from home to business and commercial and non-commercial use. The availability of some features and tools will vary dependent on the license, so it is important for buyers to make the right decision when purchasing this software depending on their needs.

Free 10 day evaluation trial period available

AKVIS Sketch 10.1 (26.65 MB)
AKVIS Sketch 12.5 (29.91 MB)
AKVIS Sketch 13.5 (40.55 MB)
AKVIS Sketch 20.6 (155.36 MB)
Nick Ellis
This is a very interesting piece of software that allows the user to turn images into what looks like a pencil sketch
The AKVIS Sketch for Windows is a great program that functions as a Photoshop plugin filter for Windows and makes. Its versatility in being available for both is a great start. It allows for the transfer of pencil drawings and works extremely efficiently. It seems to be available for most users who want to use it and can definitely serve a great purpose. I like this idea!
Ruaridh Espinosa
This is a sketching program for windows or Mac users. It allows them to create sketches and other drawings. Very simple tool to use for designers.
I think it's a good platform or product where we can transform our sketch or pic into a pencil portrait. I know how much people love the pencil portraits as I have mine 3 three. I think everyone should give it a try because it going to the worth your time and trust so you can also give it a try. I will recommend to this everyone out there. They are giving sketch for windows so keep that in mind too.
The product Akvis is user friendly and has been personally used prior to this survey. It makes standard and high definition images into sketched recreations of imported images. The software is at times tricky to use due to its layout of buttons and hidden menus that are small and at times hard to read unless magnified. This software program is effective in recreating an image with spectacular lighting effects to make images into coloring sheets for children, or layered portraits into posters. Overall this program would receive a 7 out of 10 for my review because of its very effective drawing capabilities, but the difficulty in identifying how to operate.
If you're looking for software that will turn our photos into beautiful pencil sketches then AKVIS sketch is the preferred one. This software can be used as plug-in as well as a standalone one. Without having the artistic ability this software will transform our photo into a beautiful sketch. There are several effects we can apply to our images. Few effects which can be applied to our images are watercolor, charcoal, coloration, smudging, strokes and edges. The latest version of this software is 24.0 and this offers a multi-language user interface.
This sketching software is great for high-quality sketches. It offers many different sketch tools to get the perfect picture that you want. This amazing app allows you to do pencil drawings and also use colored pencil tools to color it in. You can also change the language preference in the app, so it is encouraged for people who speak any language. You can also bundle the app for other features for a great price!
AKVIS Sketch has the best capability to turn your images into pencil art or sketch. it has more presets to change your images and offers more to create your own presets as well. it is free to use and easy too. the best is you can create any color you want and it is too rea, it has every technique we most commonly use to sketch. the coolest feature is you can add your signature to the sketch and change background if you want.
Love AKVIS sketch! Takes little effort to transform my photos to drawings. When complete the pictures look completely hand drawn by a person. Simple to use, great value! I am not a very good artist with drawing but love the look of my photos as drawings. Great effects, can change backgrounds, frames, change colors and so much more. Different styles that you can easily change. Highly recommend.
First of all artist is very important and precious in the world same life too. so artists drawing is full of known as compare to human being, animals ,birds etc.. in lifestyle something. at the same time drawing is don't make in all people. AKVIS sketch in available of painting pencil drafting and sketching also. one drawing it present now u will take and split in two way one side has the original photo and split the another side is u conduct to provide yourself. pencil drawing, painting, sketching, drafting, rendering in many also to take and perfect find out of AKVIS sketch one. the software creatively produces in the soft minded and soft hearted to draw it. (example) one mosque or one girl or boy its now U'LL draw first of all split two sides one side of photo and another one of art in pencil or sketch pen or black pen. AKVIS sketch is one app to provide also its include to feel one for the artists are make to easy way to present in the handling made of artist. at the same time normal persons are to download the AKVIS app.
AKVIS Sketch for windows is used to pencil drawings and its used to convert photos of pencil drawings to imitate the purpose of the pencil drawings the technique of graphic and color pencil drawings to used in AKVIS Sketch draw pencil drawings, and color pencil drawings its create to software system maintenance and amazing pencil drawings and color pencil drawings.
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