by Dassault Systemes

A home design, furnishing and decorating application that provides significant results

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dassault Systemes

Release: HomeByMe 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HomeByMe, as the title implies, is just that.  You are empowered to design your own home with an easy to use yet powerful software application that captures your thoughts without mistakes.  Add a window, try a new paint scheme, and more without expensive mistakes.


  • Many shapes, furniture examples, décor items, windows, casings and more to choose from
  • Fast transition between 2D and 3D
  • Design, furnish and decorate without expensive mishaps
  • Inexpensive help in converting your floor plan
  • The optional onsite team help
  • 3D plans and realistic images
  • Register for free

With HomeByMe, you can take charge of their home makeover experience.  Everything is right at one’s fingertips with a large selection of items from completely new colors to new storm windows.  It doesn’t stop there. Furniture can be added, and details, right down to house plants can be placed on the window sill.  It is easy to add just what you need to accomplish your home décor needs.  Onsite professional help is available for measurements, and it’s easy to add products to get that level of detail that is needed.  You can go from simple color changes to building on or moving major structural members. It’s as simple as clicking an “Add to Project Button”.  HomeByMe is perfect for a major and sudden change as well as a transition that can take place over time as one finds the time resources to evolve one’s home to that particular place.

Inexpensive home design and decorating with professional results

A download is available for free to get you started.  As you will see, HomeByMe is highly regarded, and many have changed their humdrum homes into something that is a source of the ride.  Let your creativity flow and make your home something that is truly your creation.  Create your special place virtually and watch it come into fruition.  Try HomeByMe today!

Giovanni Perottino
Very interesting idea. The feature I am most impressed with is the fact that you can switch in between 2 D and 3D, which I believe will be very useful. I also like that you can register for free and the fact that they include consulting and professional help with their services.
HomeByMe seems like a promising software for a designer like me and I can't wait to try it. I do hope that it performs well on my laptop so that I can do work on the go. I'll recommend this to my friends!
Home By Me is a free and easy to use program. You can construct your house plan and actually view it in 3D! You can get realistic images as well as having live employees come and measure your house for you! It is FREE to register, You can look at other users pictures and completed projects to give you inspiration and ideas. Once registering you will recieve 3 realistic images and 3 free projects! Home By Me can draw, measure and decorate your home.
This allows for the drawing of plans in 2D and 3D. It works great for in-home drawings and allows for home furnishing in any room of the house. It definitely works well for designers or people who are interested in designing something. It seems like a great program and one that works efficiently and easily for all.
Have dreamed of designing your home, the floor and the interior, think no further HomeByMe for Windows is a software that does exactly this. With HomeByMe software one can create a floor plan of their taste in 2D and insert the furniture of their taste in 3D. These is highly interactive software that enables one to create, import or add their desired home feel and look in terms of rooms, windows, doors, floors and interior looks and feels. Before moving to a new home or building one i highly recommend you to design your home now.
It is used for designing the home with our own creations and thoughts without making any mistakes. It is also helpful for floor planning. It contains a lot of designs and decorative images. It contains 3D plans and realistic images. It can be registered for free. We can also take the help of the onsite team. It is a perfect chance for our home.
HomeByMe for windows is an easy and online idea that helps you create the dream home with 2D floor plans and 3D home decorating. HomeByMe is a way to easily import floor plans, add or remove windows and doors design the home that's right for you, friends envy. HomeByMe allows realtime 3D home decorating all the while adding your own personal style and watching them come true Make the home of your dreams come true.
This is an excellent product for those who are looking to decorate the interior of their homes. This product is fun to use, practical, and user friendly. It can be used by amateur decorators and professional decorators alike. HomeByMe can be fun even for kids to use. This gives users a realistic picture of what new furniture and decorations look nice in one's house.
Even if English is not your forte, you probably get what it is about by reading its name, HomeByMe is a program that can be used to create architectural spaces ... houses in particular. It is a desktop 3D modeling application that allows us to create house plans in 2D and obviously 3D. This application can help you plan your future home or the renovations you plan to do. It includes a complete set of tools that you can use to create the interior design of all areas of the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, storage rooms, basements. The design of the application is understandable and easy to work on it.
A design program for 3D spaces that provides many tools to create an architectural plan for your home.
The program seems interesting but a bit niche, with that said it has a clean GUI. I like the way all the different editing buttons are sorted. The features included seem to be enough for the average user, I would maybe improve on things like the website right before the download because it looks someone generic and generic nowadays can be associated with sketchy. I'd most likely recommend it to someone who wants to plan their home to look similar to the houses these celebrity's live in nowadays.
HomeByMe for Windows lets you design and create your dream home with realistic 3D technology. Since there is a PRO version, I assume there are some features that are not available to the free version which could be essential to some users.
HomebyMe for Windows is a wonderful, dazzling, and motivational piece of software which allows me to discover my own inspiration in order to decorate, design, and furnish my entire home while using a 3-dimensional visualization. Even better, this software is free to download and is made possible because of the massive amount of talented users contributing their own magnificent content. I love allowing my imagination to explore as I browse all of the HD home photos.
Another web-based 3D house design tool is called HomeByMe(opens in new tab). Let's look at it and discover how amazing it truly is as the photographs on its home page make for a tempting service. HomeByMe provides a service with a wide range of options at a very low cost. We also liked how the free plan allows you to work on up to three distinct projects and doesn't seem to restrict your design possibilities. Offering an infinite number of lesser quality photographs helps to somewhat offset the cap on HD photorealistic images (1920x1080) (640x360 pixels).
HomeByMe is a floor designing software which can be used by any beginners to professional engineers and architectures, by this software we can created any kind of 2D and 3D floor plans effectively in very short time software is free and can accessible easily this software has a unique feature that we can make floor image and also a interiors by using real time furniture effects which helps the plan to look more clearer the output quality of the floor image has HD quality it helps the person to give a better presentation of floor plan
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