Alt-Tab Thingy

by Nymithium Technologies

A device for Windows that restores Alt-Tab job and improves your desktop.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nymithium Technologies

Release: Alt-Tab Thingy 4.0.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows is a device that returns the Alt-Tab job to its place. Another name for it is the Task Switcher.

Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows is an effective and bendable instrument. It can allow you to change back and forth from software to windows quickly. However, it's extremely specially made. It comes with many features and choices, and it figures some convenient bonuses. 

Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows gives a whole new meaning to an aged Windows program.

Compatible with several Windows programs and can be used in many different languages.

Alt-Tab Thingy's arrangement tray symbol approaches its double central attachments. One is abundantly called Settings communication. The additional one is an increased type of the Windows Task Switcher packet that includes an open Preview Pane. 

The Settings have all of the items that come with Taskbar Preview and Minimize Switch along with a Black List of applications that are shut out from the Task List. Also, a Ghosting move designs windows opaqueness.

There are a large number of small choices to coordinate. For example, there is one that can instinctively reduce a window to additionally be the taskbar or system tray once you choose an alternative window.

In regard to additional jobs, there is the option to move present positions, turn off the requirement to lower the Alt key, make the Tab key the other option, make the mouse go to emphasized places in place of the scrollbar, switch objects and application perspectives, and instinctively isolate or reduce any Explorer window that is idle for a certain amount of schedule. 

Weighing upon Alt-Tab allows you to unfold the Task List, which is the same as the old Windows perspective. However, this keeps it free, which allows people to choose programs with their mouse in place of the console. 

The Preview Pane is a nifty tool that lets you choose from an arrangement of Task Actions in addition to placing choices such as ghosting each time at the peak and task classifying. 

Overall, Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows is certainly suggested for use. It is a wonderful tool for helping your desktop.


  • I can see what is happening in your window beforehand.
  • Adjusts windows by ticking any place on the window.
  • Lets you reduce windows to the arrangement tray.
  • Instinctively lessens or shuts Explorer windows.
  • Uses the computer keys to choose from.

Keeps track of windows for moving titles and additional objects.

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