Android MultiTool

Easy Tool for decompiling, compiling, signing, installing framework and signing off on files

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Android Multitool (for Windows) is a great application which makes it easier to decompile/recompile applications, framework files. It also makes it very easy to sign off via a single click.  A few of the great features are really easy handling, it is very much point and click, the best part of the debugging which instead of going through tons of lines of code - it identifies it right for you, if you have debugged before you know long it can take and how boring.  


  • The application has very very easy handling, if you wanted to decompile your file all you do it select your file and push the "decompile" button... seriously that easy.  The tool makes it so much faster and easier, no more time-intensive handling.  
  • The application also makes debugging really easy, there is a log that you can use that quickly identified your mistakes.  Its integrated right into the tool.  You don't have to worry about reading through hundreds and hundreds of lines of code.  
  • Publishing your file is just done with a few clicks.  I cannot describe how easy this application is.  
  • The application also allows you to install a batch of Android files once.  All you need to do is install a flash ROM - instead of individually installing files which takes a ton of time and is super boring - click, wait, install, click, wait, install, over and over again.  Now you can do it in one click, seriously just one click.  You don't have to mess with searching for them or tying in long addresses - just a single click and your files will be installed.

What a great application that is ideal for efficiency, time-saving, speed, for the Android user.  The application is very much point and click - I love it and use it all the time.  Worth it!

The Android Multitool (for Windows) is a great application which makes it easier to decompile / recompile applications, framework files. It also makes it very easy to sign off via a single click
Android multi tool allows people to remove the pin or lock off of their devices. I think using this device will be very helpful in regards to getting people back on track in regards to finding their lock pad information. this is a great device that can be used for crazy situations where people forget their pin code and don't know how to get back in their device and they might have to get in it
Android MultiTool for Windows is an excellent piece of software. It is very user friendly and a great alternative if you are locked out of your devices. By far, it is one of the best software to unlock any Android pattern lock using a PC. The software has no issues loading or cutting out and is extremely beneficial for forgetful people!
Android multi-tool is very useful for many platforms .similarly the same concept for windows is a very nice idea. it mainly used to unlock files and patterns.... also, a nice idea for forget password,s and the pattern drawing recovery methods is super.. It's also nice very features...
Android users please be alert! I found this Android Multi Tools which is a free software program that allows you to unlock pattern, pin, password, face, gesture and Gmail ID etc from your android devices! Of all the features, I like the reset face/pin lock the most as I use this option to reset the password since I often forgot my patterns or pin lock. I also think it is a good security tool so you can periodically update your passcodes.
Excellent program does exactly what I need it to do. Helpful for data recovery and forgotten passwords. Supports pretty much every Samsung device you could name, any android phone or tablet, even Motorola. A handy tool to have on hand.
Android Multi Tools is user-friendly and its interface makes it easy to use for everyone. It has several features including the ability to check your device status; reset your pin or password for your device; reboot your device, or even clear your data by wiping your device clean. It works with all Android devices and is free to download.
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