by ScriptCase Team

Rapid application development (RAD) software, also suitable as a webcode generator for web apps

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ScriptCase Team

Release : ScriptCase 9.10

Antivirus check: passed

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ScriptCase is the ultimate software choice for all coders seeking a quality development toolset, focusing on website coding with PHP web applications. It established itself as one of the finest coding services out there, also providing many features and highly configurational settings, all of which can be edited by different teams/groups for better inside management between crews. It sets itself as a great internal tool, with additional information like statistics/analytics systems, to-do lists, messaging networks, and much, much more.

This, however, doesn't mean ScriptCase cannot be used by smaller companies, or even personal computer users, meaning it can truly be an all-in-one software. To add to this concept - the software can be used across different platforms, Windows and Linux, on different devices, and even in-browser running allows for a truly cross-platform experience. 


ScriptCase is a RAD program, allowing for great development platform, providing comprehensible interface with large amount of features

  • A great development environment, clear of any distractions and unneeded busy work, with many optimized features, as well as shared configs 
  • Secure data, protected by safe protocols, all located on safe cloud servers, also meaning they can be accessed merely by connecting your device to the network system and being logged in
  • Organized project framework, their simplicity meets efficiency and comfort, making for a rather well-crafted application creation engine
  • Projects in development diagram, with advanced yet clear and understandable design, easily constructed and comprehensible understood
  • Highly customizable layout and interface, creating an excellent ecosystem to work in 
  • Starting template projects with ready settings, in the form of a great basis to kick off from, including models and database structures

Overall ScriptCase is a quite worthy standalone software, combining all the good sides of its competitors and adding its own features on top. It focuses on creating a comfy working environment, perfecting the existing working structure, engaging the users in its capabilities, and providing them with easy solutions. ScriptCase does what it promises pretty well, consisting of a great beginning for any IT-oriented project, excellent for both commercial and personal use.

1. Browser supporting JavaScript for running applications
2. Database support: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.
3. PHP environment for application development
4. LDAP for user authentication

Supports a wide range of databases for versatile application development.
Simplifies creating forms and reports, reducing development time significantly.
Offers advanced security features including granular permission options.

Interface can be overwhelming for beginners.
Limited customization options for pre-set templates.
Occasional lag in the software's performance.
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