Apache POI

by Apache Software Foundation

A bundle of clean Java libraries, intended, in major, for reading/writing text files in various formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apache Software Foundation

Release : Apache POI 5.2.5

Antivirus check: passed

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The main target of Apache POI is a convenient and simple file management utility, as well as support for numerous other file formats and Word-type services like Open XML, OLE2 CD, and others. This comes off as an easy control tool, mainly focusing on MS Excel editing and all of its connected files. OLE2 ones include PPT, XLS, DOC, and other API-grounded file formats. From the side of Microsoft Office, it offers support over XLSX, PPTX, and DOCX, as well as utility tools over Open Packaging Conventions using POI-OpenXML4J, a Jaja API access instrument for you to operate OPC swiftly and easily, code of which is also open-source and could be edited or taken anytime at your demise.

The file types are, of course, many more, varying from both open-source to more limited ones, from more Slideshow-like ones to SpreadSheet and Office formats. The software keeps on with all the updates coming up until this very day, adding even more variety to the file choice while improving the software's stability and total quality. Apache POI can also be taken in as different components, divided into HSLF, HWPF, HSSF, XSSF, and POIFS, which all contribute to the overall abilities offered by the library collection.


Apache POI is an ultimate collection of pure, Java API-based, libraries, a project which helps users manage these file types, as well as some additional tools
  • Support for large amounts of file formats, as well as their free distribution and editing 
  • Earlier mentioned open-source code 
  • Many additional documentation on the website to provide some extra information, Javadocs, too, and specified separating for each according to format, packaging, and class
  • Direct support for office encryption, meaning binary ones, too - .ppt, .doc, .xls, etc. Even more, it also helps with 
  • Feature matrix support including XOR, ECMA, RC4 CryptoAPI, and Office Binary Document Encryption 

To put it simply, Apache POI is a must for text file editing. It can work with almost any text-related plugin or file format and has lots of other handy utilities to truly back it up as an ultimate library collection.

Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 or later installed
Minimum 512MB RAM, 1GB recommended for optimum performance
A compatible Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java

Offers strong compatibility with Microsoft Office products.
Supports various Excel features: formulas, images, charts.
Easy-to-use API for accessing and manipulating data.

Requires high memory for large Excel file manipulation.
Doesn't fully support advanced MS Office features.
Performance issues with large-scale data handling.
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