TeXnicCenter logo
Latex editor on windows used for editing
XNA Framework logo
Set of tools managed by microsoft processors
msvbvm50.dll logo
The Msvbvm50.dll file is a dynamic link library for Windows
PDFBlackbox VCL logo
This a a video watcher used for windows and its for PC
Sun Java JRE logo
Java run software for windows servers
RTL.bpl logo
A set of libraries required to run programs built in C++ Builder or Delphi
Node.js logo
Javascript run time that is new and updated
Pygame logo
Pygame will help you write your own video games
Active XL Report logo
An ActiveX component used to design reports without much coding
OpenSSL logo
Commercial grade tool kid for windows
Marmalade SDK logo
Development kit and game manager for windows
MetaTree Component for Delphi logo
Software application for use by Delphi
Android SDK logo
Provides all necessary tools to create Android apps
Microsoft Windows SDK logo
A windows laptop version for a sd card like program `
Shell MegaPack ActiveX logo
Brings folder browser to an app on windows
VideoCap SDK ActiveX logo
Professional level Video Capture software
cURL logo
Enabled for secure sockets layer for WIndows
FIBPlus for Delphi logo
FIBPlus is a flexible and easy-to-use library of Delphi
Modbus Poll logo
Master simulator designed primarily to help developers test Modbus protocol
Mockplus logo
Makes prototyping easier for multiple platforms.
TortoiseGit logo
A free, open sourceGIT with Windows shell interface
EMU8086 logo
Emulate the old 8086 processing systems.
SixaxisPairTool logo
A prefect application for pairing your phone and controller.
Dynamic Web TWAIN logo
Scan documents in a browser that are used for web applications
jGRASP logo
Makes visualizing (“grasping”) source code and data structures easy and intuitive
Just BASIC logo
A powerful tool for teaching and learning programming
Agena logo
A new intuitive procedural programming language tool best used for the fields of science, math, script writing, and networking.
HashCalc logo
Calculate hash functions. Perfect for new cryptographers entering the crypto space!
Weka logo
Weka is used for data mining purposes by utilizing a wide assortment of machine learning algorithms