SecureBlackbox (VCL)
SecureBlackbox (VCL) is a comprehensive collection of components for secure data storage, transfer and management.
VapourSynth is an open-source video processing library and a set of tools designed to allow easy manipulation of video data.
TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET
TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET is a suite of components for creating and manipulating Excel spreadsheets in .NET applications.
XImage is a powerful image processing software for scientific and industrial imaging applications.
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Ohjelmisto on ohjelma, joka tarjoaa laajan sanaston suomen ja englannin kielillä.
Appium is an open source mobile automation framework that enables testing of native, hybrid and mobile web applications.
Imagex (Wimlib)
Wimlib is an open source, cross-platform library and command-line program for creating, extracting, and modifying Windows Imaging (WIM) archives.
HXTT Word is a JDBC Type 4 driver for accessing Microsoft Word documents from Java programs.
HXTT Access
HXTT Access is a type 4 JDBC driver for Microsoft Access databases.
Bonjour SDK
Bonjour SDK is an easy-to-use software development kit that enables developers to easily create network-aware applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.
PDF-Writer.NET is a .NET library that provides a simple and versatile way to create, write, and modify PDF documents without the need for Adobe Acrobat.
Vue Injector
Vue Injector is a dependency injection library for Vue.js that enables developers to easily inject services, components, and other objects into their components.
Qwt is an open-source library for creating scientific plotting and data visualization applications.
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions.
AForge.NET Framework
AForge.NET is a free, open-source library of image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, and other related algorithms for the .NET framework.
NET Data Access Layer
ADO.NET is an object-oriented data access technology from Microsoft that provides access to relational databases and other data sources.
Eigen is a C++ template library for linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, numerical solvers, and related algorithms.
NMM TVCaster SDK is a software development kit for creating streaming media applications for broadcast-quality live streaming and video on demand.
NVIDIA FleX is a particle-based simulation library for real-time visual effects that can simulate a variety of rigid bodies, fluids, and soft bodies.
libdvdcss is a library that allows access to encrypted DVDs, allowing the content to be decrypted for playback.
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