A loudspeaker management system designed for a perfect listening experience
A pure-python plotting software designed for scientific or engineering applications
Apache POI
A bundle of clean Java libraries, intended, in major, for reading/writing text files in various formats
Glib is a multiple-purpose low-level library
Python PDF Library
An efficient tool for developers to generate, modify, and manipulate PDF documents with Python.
A component for serial communication, primarily for Windows, offering multithreading and overlapped performance.
GDI+ is a graphical library that provides a set of services for application developers to use to create and manipulate graphical images.
Intel Math Kernel Library
The Intel Math Kernel Library is a collection of highly optimized math functions for scientific and engineering applications.
PortAudio is an open-source cross-platform audio I/O library for use in real-time audio applications.
VapourSynth is an open-source video processing library and a set of tools designed to allow easy manipulation of video data.
Imagex (Wimlib)
Wimlib is an open source, cross-platform library and command-line program for creating, extracting, and modifying Windows Imaging (WIM) archives.
Bonjour SDK
Bonjour SDK is an easy-to-use software development kit that enables developers to easily create network-aware applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.
Qwt is an open-source library for creating scientific plotting and data visualization applications.
AForge.NET Framework
AForge.NET is a free, open-source library of image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, and other related algorithms for the .NET framework.
Eigen is a C++ template library for linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, numerical solvers, and related algorithms.
NVIDIA FleX is a particle-based simulation library for real-time visual effects that can simulate a variety of rigid bodies, fluids, and soft bodies.
libdvdcss is a library that allows access to encrypted DVDs, allowing the content to be decrypted for playback.
Android NDK
The Android NDK is a set of tools and libraries that allow developers to create high performance, portable applications for the Android platform.
SimPy is an open source, object-oriented discrete-event simulation package for Python.
SlimDX is a software development kit that enables developers to easily create DirectX-based applications in .NET languages.
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