by PyQtGraph Team

A pure-python plotting software designed for scientific or engineering applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PyQtGraph Team

Release : PyQtGraph 0.13.14

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To perform better data visualizations and create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for various applications, you need Python software such as PyQtGraph. It is a pure-python application that is intended to provide a plotting library for scientific, mathematical or engineering applications. Its advanced features, like 2D and 3D graphic systems, help generate interactive designs and draw scatter plots.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily scale or rotate data with the help of mouse movements. It displays multiple data types, including RGB, int, float, or luminance. You can also slice multidimensional images at arbitrary angles. The 3D graphics system helps in easy programming and volumetric data rendering. Thus, you can view interactive lookup tables and graphs.


  • A Python-rich graphics and GUI library used for science and engineering applications.
  • It has a vast collection of widgets and modules for displaying or editing different designs and hierarchies of parameters.
  • You can automatically slice data or multidimensional images to match your preference and graphic needs.
  • The images, tables, graphs, and flowcharts are displayed in multiple data types for the user’s convenience.
  • It is equipped with basic 2D plotting and a 3D graphics system to draw and interact with real-time data.
  • You can use it on any platform or Windows that supports Python and Numpy.

Working on PyQtGraph is easy due to its fast graphics speed and intuitive display. Compared to other Python graphics software, it provides rapid plot updates and real-time interactivity. Apart from a plotting library, it contains advanced features like ImageView, ROI-based data slicing, parameter trees, flowcharts, and multiprocessing.

Using this 2D/3D visualization library, you can develop a variety of applications for your professional use. The best thing is its portability or ease of installation. It has no complex system requirements and supports all platforms or operating systems that are compatible with numpy and PyQt. Thus, you can quickly install it on your Windows and make your life easier.

PyQtGraph offers an extensive plotting and graphing library exclusively for Python and runs on all platforms that support numpy or PyQt.
Python 2.7 or later installed
PyQt4 or PySide modules installed
Numpy, SciPy and other scientific computation libraries installed
Basic Python programming knowledge

Strong real-time data visualization capabilities.
Supports interactive 2D and 3D graph customization.
Seamless integration with popular Python libraries.

Requires some Python programming knowledge.
Lacks detailed and comprehensive documentation.
No native support for categorical data.
A component for serial communication, primarily for Windows, offering multithreading and overlapped performance.
Python PDF Library
An efficient tool for developers to generate, modify, and manipulate PDF documents with Python.