by Winsoft

A component for serial communication, primarily for Windows, offering multithreading and overlapped performance.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Winsoft

Release : ComPort 3.9

Antivirus check: passed

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ComPort is a software component developed for programmers using Delphi and C++ Builder. It's specifically designed to simplify serial communication under Windows. ComPort provides a robust solution for interacting with devices connected via a serial port, ensuring optimal performance.

The primary advantage of ComPort lies in its ease of use, making it incredibly efficient even in the most complex applications. Whether developers need to establish communication with a printer, a modem, or any other serial communication interface, ComPort is a reliable option to consider.

  • ComPort utilizes a multithreading and overlap system to achieve maximum performance.
  • Available for users of Delphi / C++ Builder 5 through to XE4 and Lazarus 1.0.8.
  • Includes the full source code in its comprehensive version, offering great flexibility for developers who wish to customize or extend the features.
  • Allows for royalty-free distribution in applications, enabling easy sharing and use of ComPort in various development projects.
  • Provides a multi-user license for all developers within the same company.

ComPort is also part of Winsoft's communication protocol suite and Winsoft's component package, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of other development tools. By leveraging these integrations, developers can greatly enhance the efficiency of their development processes.

ComPort simplifies serial communication under Windows, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in complex applications.

In conclusion, ComPort is an invaluable tool for all developers working on applications that require serial communication. Whether it's for quick integration or a more complex development project, ComPort is a powerful and user-friendly solution for all serial communication needs.

- Windows Operating System
- Delphi / C++ Builder 5 to XE4 or Lazarus 1.0.8
- Multi-user environment support
- Supports multithreading and overlap system

Enables efficient serial communication in Windows.
Multithreading and overlap system boosts performance.
Supports royalty-free distribution in applications.

Limited to Windows, lacks cross-platform compatibility.
Doesn't support languages other than Delphi and C++ Builder.
Complex for beginners to understand and utilize.
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