Apache Solr

by Apache Software Foundation

A standalone search server used by enterprise content management systems.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apache Software Foundation

Release : Apache Solr 9.5

Antivirus check: passed

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With a wealth of information available on the internet, it becomes challenging to search your targeted data. To provide you with a smooth search experience, Apache Solr has been launched as a highly scalable tool. Based on the Apache Lucene library, this advanced application helps you in full-text indexing and search operations. It supports different programming languages, including Java, Phyton, and Ruby, to help you with the search process.

The functionalities of Apache Solr do not end here. It is beyond just a search engine and is used for storage purposes or as a document-based NoSQL database. It supports different APIs such as RESTful XML/HTTP and JSON to help in the data analytics of different files or databases. The most noteworthy feature of this open-source utility is its analytical capabilities. It lets you do multi-faceted product searches and social media analysis by taking data from various sources. This way, it works with a large amount of data within seconds.


  • A fast search platform that provides real-time indexing and data integration.
  • It provides distributed indexing, centralized configuration, querying, and automated recovery.
  • You can access its advanced functionalities, such as rich document processing in Word, PDF, or HTML format and improved database integration.
  • It lets you manage, scale and distribute indexes for large-scale applications or files. Enterprise companies use it on their servers.
  • The comprehensive built-in interface is highly responsive, allowing you to quickly perform administrative tasks such as adding or updating documents.
  • It works with all kinds of operating systems and has no complex installation requirements. Anyone with a computer can benefit from this scalable application.

Apache Solr is highly flexible and relies on automated index distribution, load-balancing and automated recovery. It offers multilingual support so people from all parts of the World can access its language-specific text analysis tools. Overall, it works in a 3-step process of indexing, querying, and ranking the results. Install it on your Windows to enhance your search experience.

Apache Solr is compatible with almost all programming languages and is written in Java to provide you with advanced full-text capabilities in near real-time.
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or higher
Minimum of 512MB of RAM, 1GB recommended for optimal performance
Disk space depending on the size and type of documents indexed

Handles large volumes of traffic and queries efficiently.
Supports complex queries and multiple data formats.
Features real-time and incremental indexing functionality.

Complex configuration can be daunting for beginners.
Lacks official support due to open-source nature.
Can consume significant memory resources.
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