Windows Server 2016

by Microsoft

Microsoft’s server operating system for running networked applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

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To perform general-purpose computing tasks and run a wide range of applications, you need a reliable and secure client operating system. One such system, called Windows Server 2016, is designed to provide better isolation and cost-effective data storage. It is a cloud-based server that offers centralized automation and virtualization so individuals and organizations can get help in their business. It troubleshoots virtual and physical network devices and supports high-end operations.

The advanced functionalities of Windows Server 2016 include its Active Directory Certificate Services, Domain Services, and Federation Services. The scale-out file server clusters enable users to add a node to a Hyper-V cluster or perform authorization tasks. It acts as an effective management system and simplifies network solutions without compromising the security of the system. What’s best? It features identity management and enhanced security capabilities so you can protect your data or store it on a local device.


  • A scalable operating system that empowers business functions and manages infrastructure.
  • It handles requests from client systems and helps in storing files or hosting a database.
  • You can access its advanced features including Storage Replica and Software-Defined Networking, to help you with computing tasks.
  • It has a similar graphical user interface as Windows 10 and offers enhanced security for your business.
  • You can install, configure, and manage Active Directory Federation Services and get a virtualized data center for all your computing needs.
  • It has new identity management options to help verify a user’s identity and keep track of important information.

Compared to other servers, Windows Server 2016 focuses on data security and provides more protection for default virtual machines. The networking features include a DNS server, IP address management, network controller, and Hyper-V network virtualization. Using the new headless deployment option, Nano server, users can now get the fastest restarts and better resource utilization. Overall, this highly functional tool works on all kinds of devices and can be easily downloaded on your computer.

Windows Server 2016 provides administrative control of corporate networks and applications so organizations can safely access and control data.
1. 64-bit Processor 1.4 GHz or faster
2. Minimum 2 GB RAM
3. 32 GB disk space
4. Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter

Enhanced security features safeguard sensitive data.
Offers pioneering developments in virtualization, storage, networking.
Robust and flexible enterprise server platform.

High licensing costs can be prohibitive for smaller businesses.
Requires significant server resources for optimal functionality.
Learning curve can be steep, particularly for new users.
A great server-based GPS tracking tool
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