by Oracle

An efficient utility to deploy Java EE applications and Java web services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oracle

Release : GlassFish 7

Antivirus check: passed

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If you’re a developer focused on creating and managing Java enterprise applications, GlassFish is the ideal tool for you. It is a free Jakarta EE platform helping Java administrators create portable and scalable enterprise apps. The best thing is it’s a free software based on a source code that supports Java EE applications. Besides, this fully EE-compliant application server provides support for Java Servlets, JSPs, EJBs, JPA, JMS and more.

The notable features of GlassFish include different categories of Java EE specifications and high compatibility with versatile Java frameworks. It is equipped with an online administration console giving you the possibility to configure and manage services. This way, you can fix server problems, use add-on components or create enterprise applications effortlessly. What’s best? GlassFish allows users to form a cluster for efficient distribution of backend servers.


  • A feature-packed software to create and deploy Java enterprise applications with less resource consumption.
  • It helps manage Java web services and design applications with high flexibility and versatility.
  • You can perform and manage different configuration tasks by working in a secure administrator environment.
  • It features a web-based administration console to manage services, applications, or other resources at a node or cluster.
  • You can monitor the performance of deployed applications using the software's real-time monitoring functions.
  • It shows high integration with popular development environments, including Eclipse and NetBeans. This helps with the debugging and seamless deployment process.

Using GlassFish is straightforward and has no prerequisites. You can install the program on any computer or the latest edition of Windows. All you need to know is how to deploy or run applications on a Java EE server. Its comprehensive real-time monitoring capabilities further make the development process seamless for new developers.

With the help of GlassFish's monitoring tools, you can track the performance of newly developed applications and get in-depth insight into the Java virtual machine. Everything can be done in a secure enterprise workspace.

GlassFish contains a feature-packed command line tool to help Java administrators fix issues associated with the server so they can conveniently create applications.
Minimum 2GB of RAM
Java Development Kit (JDK) installed
Minimum 250MB of disk space
Operating System: Linux, Windows, MacOS

Supports all the latest Java EE technologies.
Features a customizable, modular architecture.
Provides advanced administration and monitoring features.

Can be overly complex for simple applications.
Not as efficient with lower-end hardware.
Documentation can be somewhat lacking.
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