by Anton Tananaev

A great server-based GPS tracking tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Anton Tananaev

Release : traccar 5.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Traccar is a high-quality GPS tracking solution, mainly benefiting those who seek a complex tool to follow a large (and small) amount of devices, as well as having open-source code and some additional features that come with the general tracking of more than 2000 various models. The program itself is more or less a mobile-based application that can be used as a backend tool, though it truly shines in synergy with software like Traccar Manager (for front-end) or Traccar Client for alternative mobile tracking software. It can also be used as, without a doubt, a source of direct reports of the current device location or an alerting program that informs you of potential maintenance levels, fuel drops, various breaches, and other familiar items.

If used on an OS other than Windows it also works just well enough, serving great across different server types, and can be hosted both locally and on the cloud, as well as having helpful support to wrap it all up. The application uses MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server to implement its handy features and also shares some development instructions to help you understand the structure better, besides protocol handling and more.


  • Basic documentation on both user and developer-side use of the software, moreover tips and tricks about installation and configuration process
  • Unburdening interface and UI, still complex enough to perform its primary goal just the same
  • Support of Email and SMS notifications, easy account management, and neat geofencing functionality
  • Excellent work with both cheap, simple but trusty GPS devices, and expensive, high-quality ones
  • Easily customizable (thanks to docs provided) open-source code and more back-end focused utility
  • Some basic demo servers to fast check device location, as well as give some a quick look into the software capabilities

So, what do we make of all of this? Well, to say the least - Traccar is great for what it tries to be, not having an overtone of features and built-in options but still managing to stand as a great way of creating a fast, quality-rounded GPS tracking environment in mere moments.

Traccar is an open-source back-end real-time GPS tracking with high amount of GPS protocols and models
Operating system: Linux, Windows, MacOS, or Solaris
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8 or newer version installed
Internet connection for real-time tracking and notifications
GPS tracking device compatible with the software

Supports multiple GPS tracking protocols.
Offers real-time alerts and detailed reports.
Open-source and customizable to specific needs.

Limited customer support due to its open-source nature.
The user interface lacks advanced features.
Occasional software glitches reported by users.
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