by Brut.alll

A tool for decoding and rebuilding app resources for use, customization, and analysis

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Brut.alll

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Last revision: Last week

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ApkTool is a command line application that can be used to change the composition of APK files. It is intended for Android programmers of the "old school", who are used to using the console, not the graphic shell. To work with the application you need at least basic knowledge of SDK, PATH, aapt and smali. Even running an application is unlikely to be possible for a normal user.

So, using this tool you can modify Android-applications, change scripts, add new functionality and localization. The ApkTool developers kindly provide detailed documentation on the application's operation (in English) and strongly recommend using it only for "legal" modification. However, changing the composition of the APK downloaded from Play Market and its further distribution, in fact, already violates the license of Google. So use the program only at your own risk.

The application allows you to extract any resources from the APK, and can also optimize some of the repetitive tasks associated with editing the contents of the package. Unfortunately, the possibility of "opening" the framework-res.apk application is not provided for. This is about special protection from Google. In the future, developers are going to "beat" this protection, so keep an eye on the release of new versions.

Note that ApkTool will not work without Java SE Runtime Environment installed. By the way, being a Java-application, it will run on all popular desktop operating systems. Naturally, the applications are completely free and have open source code.

- the lack of a graphic shell;

- extraction of resources and modification of APK contents;

- Smali dumping;

- possibility of changing scripts, adding new locations and functions;

- launch on all popular desktop operating systems (Java-application);

- availability of a BAT-file for convenient launch on Windows;

- decoding resources close to the original (including resources.arsc, XMLs and 9.png files).

Would recommend for Android users, was very helpful and simple. Anyone who is interested in this sort of product - I would recommend. I used it recently and it solved all of the issues that I had. Overall this worked brilliantly and would use it again.
new and top of the line . High tech IT reviewer. Trusted and quality checked. Upcoming and outstanding performance. built together for innovation of the world. Soft radar for windows will ultimately help you be stress and worry free in todays society.
Highly recommended, particularly for for Android users. I found this tool to be extremely simple to use, and I was able to solve my script difficulties with no problems. Excellent software
its a least java 1.8 installer Does execute java on command line / cmd prompt if not please install java 8 plus to make as default Installation for apk tool 1)windows 2)Linus 3)mac os 4)ubuntu 5)Kali linux
Would suggest for Android clients, was exceptionally useful and straightforward. Anyone with any interest at all in this kind of item - I would suggest. I utilized it as of late and it addressed each of the issues that I had. Generally speaking this worked splendidly and would utilize it once more
Reece Finson
APKTool is an open-source tool for reverse engineering Android applications (APKs). It can decode resources to nearly original form and rebuild them after making some modifications. It also makes working with an app easier because of the project like file structure and automation of some repetitive tasks like building apk, etc.
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