ArtMoney SE

by System SoftLab

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: System SoftLab

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93328

ArtMoney is an application that allows you to "screw" the amount of resources in computer games. The principle of the program is based on the search in the files of the selected game values, responsible for certain resources and change in their indicators. It sounds pretty difficult in words, but in fact, even beginners will be able to work with the program. Moreover, the latter can read the detailed instructions kindly provided by the developers.

The application also allows you to change indicators that do not have a numerical coefficient (for example, a strip of life or mana), but in this case you will have to work "on sight". Also with the help of ArtMoney you can include the immortality of the character, an infinite number of resources and many other useful "chips". In general, this program is designed for those gamers who do not have enough time to tediously collect "loot" or search for advanced equipment.

- works with virtually all single-player games;

- is simple and easy to use;

- allows you to screw up the number of certain items, get access to the abilities and so on;

- has a simple and clear user interface.

Angus (unverified)
ArtMoney SE is an application that allows you to screw the amount resources in computer games. It is simple and easy to use, despite how hard it sounds. It works with all single-player games. It also has a simple and easy to understand user interface.
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