by Maximus5

A free and open-source tabbed terminal emulator for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Maximus5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ConEmu is a free program that is positioned by the developer as a "graphical host" for Windows console applications. In fact, it is an alternative to a standard terminal and has a huge list of advantages over the latter. Initially, the program was created to work "paired" with Far Manager, but later it acquired useful features that make it possible to use it separately from the file manager.

The ConEmu window can be scaled and divided into independent parts. An independent tab is allocated for each launched program. The title of the tab indicates the type of application running: CMD, Putty, DN, Powershell, Notepad, etc. The terminal supports full screen mode and hot keys. When working in multi console mode, you are allowed to use administrator rights to run applications that "need" them. You can even set up the cursor display and choose the appearance of the cursor to make it easier to use.

Bundled with ConEmu you get a DosBox program, which is used to run DOS-applications under the latest versions of Windows of any digit. You can create several configurations for the host and save them to separate XML files. The saved configuration can be made active at any time.

Among other "utilities" that the developer provided to ConEmu, it is worth noting the built-in plugin for viewing images, support for moving objects between panels with the help of Drag&Drop, automatic enlargement of the console buffer when launching applications, support for TrueColor and displaying the progress of operations on the icon in the taskbar.

- is designed to be used together with the FAR file manager;

- allows you to run Putty, DN, Powershell, CMD and Notepad applications in separate independent tabs;

- includes the DosBox program providing correct operation of DOS-applications under the latest versions of Windows (including 64-bit);

- makes it possible to customize the appearance of the cursor;

- supports the transfer of objects by "dragging and dropping" them;

- allows you to "hang" macros on certain hotkeys;

- is available completely free of charge.

This software works great and is pretty easy to use! Allows you to simultaneously launch programs on multiple Windows systems remotely and even works with DOSBox DOS emulator! Could easily be used on a home network or in a business setting.
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This is a very useful graphical host for Windows that I wasn;t able to find anywhere else on the internet.
Very useful if you need to run several bash command lines in parallel and have multiple command console windows open. Definitely user-friendly and helps me be organized. I would say that one of my favorite features is how it saves the open windows from the previous sessions. Very useful if you work with neuroimaging analysis and preprocessing like I do.
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