by Aspia Software

Free open source for file transfer on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aspia Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Aspia is a small free utility designed to display the most detailed information about your PC - including information about the PC hardware (CPU, motherboard, disk and video system), as well as software, operating system, running processes and many other information. The Aspia program is not only completely free, but also has open source code.

The data collected by the program can be exported to CSV, HTML, INI, RTF formats and text files, or simply displayed on the screen. At the first launch of the application, Aspia will offer the user to send the developer a detailed report on unknown devices detected in the system, which will greatly increase the base of the recognized equipment when the program is launched again.

The application's interface is quite simple and unobtrusive, while Aspia has a wide range of functionality and allows you to get the most accurate information about PC hardware and software, and supports almost everything, even the most advanced devices, and the base of the recognized iron is constantly replenished. On top of that, the Aspia program is completely free.

- Display the most detailed information about all PC devices and programs

- Detailed information about the operating system, system folders, updates, installed fonts, desktop settings and more

- Ability to send a report on detected unknown devices to the developer

- Regular updates

- Support for all operating systems, 32 and 64 bit

I think the functionality in this program is somewhat redundant. As an average user, displaying information with a program like this essentially could be done in the same amount of time with a simple google search. It may be more useful for someone doing this more often for various reasons, but for a normal user, it does not seem very useful.
Aspia is a great piece of software for identifying system information which is very in depth and is necessary when editing computers or trying to figure out what technical aspects the computer has such as hard drive space, ram memory and a variety of other important computer variables.
Aspia is a very useful application that will display information about your PC when prompted. It gives details about your hardware, software, operating system, and much more. In addition, you can choose to simply display this information on screen, or print it out. It can be quite handy in a situation where your IT person needs these details for some task, or if you need to find out your computer's capabilities and ability to run certain programs.
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