by Solus Project

Offers desk top environments for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Solus Project

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Solus is a free distribution created by independent developers on the basis of the Linux kernel. At the same time, this operating system (OS) does not use other popular distributions, and is quite an independent platform. Even though the OS has a direct bearing on Linux, it is suitable for beginners and those who are only familiar with Windows or MacOS.

The distinctive feature of Solus is its excellent optimization and convenience in all aspects of OS usage. The user is completely rid of any problems with driver installation or GUI settings, as all the essentials are already available from the box. If desired, you can start the OS in LiveCD mode directly from the ISO image and get acquainted with its basic features. To install the system, start the installation wizard (Install OS icon on the desktop) and follow all the instructions on the screen.

Depending on the chosen shell (GNOME, Budgie or Mate), the set of built-in utilities changes, except for a few popular programs that are available in almost all OS editions. These include the Firefox browser, the universal VLC player, the GParted logical disk application and the Thunderbird mail client. To download additional programs in the OS, you can use the Application Center, where you can use all the most important utilities for free.

Solus reminds us a lot of Linux Mint, which is also one of the most friendly OS based on Linux. Both distributions do not impose high requirements on the technical knowledge of users: when working with the OS you can do without the standard file manager, without using the terminal, which scares many beginners. Anyone can start the OS and start working in it without any prior preparation.

- eopkg package manager;

- Flexible configuration of the taskbar interface;

- Budgie's unique desktop environment, which is based on GNOME Shell;

- support for a variety of controllers and gamepads.

Solus is one of the fastest growing free and open source Linux, an operating system that is designed for home computing
It is an operating system of computing in-home features.It gives the more experiences to enable the hardware of the computer system.It goes for without a large setup process in the installation process. so it is all of the people could not waity for the any type of installation process here and ealiy start to using it.It is only used for personal ci,puters not by enterprise or server is a one of the rolling release model it still used for continous security and new updates of software. It is worked for end of life in operating systems.
Solus for Windows helps make the computing experience much more streamlined and seamless. The installation process really couldn't be easier either since it takes only a few minutes to get going and doesn't require any complicated steps that a novice couldn't figure out. I appreciate that it's really transformed my operating system into something that's more efficient.
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