AVG File Server Business Edition

by AVG Technologies

Network virus scanner to keep users computer safe

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AVG Technologies

Release: AVG File Server Business Edition 2018

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AVG file server business edition for Windows is a network virus scanner that will help small businesses keep their customer's business data as well the user's business data safe from not only malware but also from hackers. If you have ever experienced a problem or a disruption in your operations, most of the time, it is due to hackers or malware and can end up costing your business valuable time and money in the end. Hackers and malware have been very well known to take down small business operations entirely at times. The antivirus software that comes with this application helps to keep your customers and small business files out of hackers' hands. One of the best and most favorable features of this application is the advanced scanning engine. The advanced scanning engine will never sleep on you, and it will also only scan your computer when you are not working, this way, nothing gets in the way of your business. The remote management feature is very popular and needed in the case of small businesses.  Whoever the administrator is of the network can remotely install as well as update any computers that are linked to that specific network.  This will also automatically update periodically, which ensures that your network as well as more importantly, your business is not only constantly protected, but protected against the latest threats.

Virus scanner that keeps users safe from hackers as well as malware

  • Advanced scanning engine 
  • Remote management 
  • Available in 10 plus languages 
  • Windows operating system 
  • 64 bit Windows Server required. 

This software is available in several languages besides English, which include Spanish, German, Danish, Italian, Dutch, and so many more. This application also requires your Windows operating systems, and only the 64 bit Windows server operating system will be supported. There is also free email and phone support if you may need help with a feature or function of this application. 

AVG is a top rated antivirus for your computer. It prevents hacker attacks, email threats, and prevents the newest malware from taking over the programs on your computer. The website allows the customer to compare their product with other products, and gives examples of bad programs. They are offering discounts if you buy multiple packages, and give good comparable prices for their software. The website says that they have won over 25 awards in the last three years. This is good software, and is recommended to users.
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