Baidu PC Faster

by Baidu

A new system optimisation tool for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Baidu

Release: Baidu PC Faster 5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Technology helps us every day, even with smaller daily gestures such as paying for something, buying a ticket or sending an important job.

Unfortunately, as everything has a downsize, even if technology may seem indestructible and last, it is not.

Over time the more we use our computer, the more its performances will drop and will tend to lose solidity. This generally happens for a variety of reasons that Baidu PC Faster should resolve quickly. 

Regardless of the version of the application, mainly Baidu PC Faster will be based on the use of 3 particular aspects that will help you improve the functioning of your pc. Cleanliness, Speed and Safety will be the essential elements, which through the use of Baidu PC Faster will allow you to operate your computer as if it were new ( more or less ) 

In fact, the response and execution times of any process will be significantly reduced, with the added security of being able to control any eventuality, intervening with modifications, and various optimization procedures.

A fast system increases response and execution times, allowing for more fluid and clear use.

Now we will go down a little in the detailsso once our software has been downloaded and installed, Baidu PC Faster will provide us with a series of modules, and our task will only be to choose the module that will satisfy our main purposes.

  1. An Anti-Hacker which prevents hackers and trojans from entering your computer       
  2. A Boot-Time Manager that automatically checks the boot time and identifies unnecessary boot items.
  3. A Speed-Up module that optimizes settings, this promising that Windows will work faster, it also includes 1-click optimization button
  4. Identify vulnerabilities in your operating system and other installed software and help you download, install, and fix them.
  5. Is Healthcare can diagnose computer problems and help improve safety and performance.
  6. A Cleaner to clean up PC junk files, privacy data, and invalid traces and registry entries                                     

Provides you different ways to optimise your laptop

  • Different modules
  • Cleaning mode
  • Often updated software
  • Game Faster mode
  • Privacy protection
  • Internet connection required
  • Freeware
It will help us to free the space, like we can know the unwanted files, so that the PC can work fast, also the its is a RAM BOOSTER
this software helps to clean temp files and un used files which are stored in trash bin makes pc faster and helps to keep pc safe and secure better used to low end pcsthis application makes 300 checkpoints to clean and make pc faster it has tools like clean up and speedup pc to improve pc performance
It is used for optimization in Windows. It will also be used for good condition in the PC and maintaining in the proper situations. It also consumes more resources which is one of its disadvantages in this. It is also used for better performance which makes the PC to be working very faster for all the programs.
The difficult drive tends to fill up with undesirable or obsolete organizers when we uninstall programs since within the conclusion a path is continuously left behind. Baidu PC Quicker may be a valuable application designed to move forward your computers performance and disperse any dangers that will be around. It´s the leading arrangement to free all the space this rubbish possesses on your system. Baidu PC Quicker identifies and repairs all the registry blunders your computer may have and filters it frequently to form beyond any doubt they don´t amass once more. Moreover, this program doesn´t as it were optimize your computers execution but it moreover ensures it from any record that may be tainted.
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