Ultra-fast compression software for Windows that allows user to create their own compressed files

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Bandizip is a free archiver that has recently appeared on the network. It works with a large number of modern archive formats, which allows you to open with it almost any archive. The program is characterized by a simple and pleasant multilingual interface, aimed at a wide range of users. Also, a good advantage of the application, which distinguishes it from its analogues, is a high degree of compression and high performance.

The function of the archiver is primarily aimed at saving time. For example, there is such a function as "High-speed archiving", which allows you to skip and not to compress already compressed files again. In addition, the user can set up the program menu independently. It can add the necessary functions and controls to it. Another important feature is support for Drag and drop technology. Bandzip also allows you to create self-extracting archives. If necessary, they can be divided into several parts. It should be noted that in comparison with the popular 7-Zip archiver, the program under consideration is not inferior in functionality and even faster than a "colleague". That's why Bandizip may well be the first in terms of popularity among the programs of its category in the future.

- Simple and intuitive multilingual interface;

- support for most modern archive formats;

- the ability to create self-extracting archives;

- availability of custom compression algorithms to speed up archiving

- support for the Drag-n-Drop method;

- Higher operating speed than 7-Zip.

Bandizip 6.09 (5.04 MB)
Bandizip 6.11 (5.14 MB)
Bandizip 6.12 (5.14 MB)
Bandizip 6.16 (5.24 MB)
Bandizip 6.18 (6.39 MB)
Bandizip 6.20 (6.26 MB)
Bandizip 6.21 (6.2 MB)
Bandizip 6.23 (6.24 MB)
Bandizip 6.24 (6.24 MB)
Bandizip 6.70 (0.24 MB)
I love using Bandizip for Windows because this program makes it a cinch to compress any files I want, regardless of whether I'm trying to create files in ZIP or ZIPX or any number of other formats, including but not limited to TAR, EGG, IMG and TGZ. It has an encryption algorithm that offers airtight security too, so you never have to worry about the safety of your files.
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