by Bandoo

A program that brings those who are close to you by allowing all instant messengers in one place

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bandoo

Release: Bandoo 6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bandoo is a new, exciting way to exchange messages with your friends.

Boasting even more features than your average messenger, it comes packed with tons of stickers, emojis, and more! 


Bandoo allows you the ability to be as expressive as you'd like, giving your communication a style all your own.
  • Lightweight messaging system
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple instant messenger accounts on one program. 
  • Personalize messages with emojis, images, stickers, and more. 
  • Supported and compatible with Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8).

The program provides a bulky, colorful, and simple user interface that makes communicating with user's contacts easy and comes with customization for a preferred color scheme. The messenger clients boast an intense, and an expansive inventory of emojis, images, stickers, and winks that provide users with intelligent personalization for messages and previously was not matched in other clients anywhere. It helps the sender construct their messages using emojis, stickers, images, and winks to give it that touch they missed in other programs of the time. 

Bandoo is a messaging client that utilizes P2P protocol allowing the import and exporting of messages to their contacts on their respective platforms. This also enables the gathering of all chat accounts from multiple companies into place. No longer will users have to sign in to separate accounts individually, as signing into the client achieves this with one login. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.

Bandoo has since lost much popularity due to complaints that the messenger displays characteristics that mimic a virus. Notably, the users found it almost impossible to uninstall the program, and the software was able to configure system settings that it was not granted permission to do so. Further, the loss of popularity and use of chat clients specific to engines like Yahoo, MSN, and the now-defunct AOL messenger, has led to a decrease in its use by a significant amount. 

Bandoo 6 (1.5 MB)
Bandoo 6.0 (8.18 MB)
Bandoo 7.0 (1.3 MB)
Elmer Kettering
This is a good messaging platform, but it has a huge flaw. It looks and acts like a virus when you install it on your system. It's really hard to uninstall and it accesses everything on your computer even if you didn't give it those permissions or if you denied those permissions. Because of that, I have to give it one star.
Bandoo for windows is a fun messaging alternative to social media apps like twitter and Instagram. The app comes packed with feature rich emojis and a simple interface that makes adding and communicating with the ones you love, easy, fun, and secure. The amount of emojis and stickers you can personalize are unlimited and switching between accounts is a breeze!
Bandoo, for the most part, is an uplifting software for computer users. From my knowledge it allows users to use smiley faces and emoji-like icons in their content on the computer. I would use the software and I would highly recommend this software to mostly all of my people. Hopefully, more people can learn more about the product.
Liam Rinehart
Bandoo for Windows is a software which adds fun and exciting emoticon animations for use in emails, messages, or other social networking platform on your Windows computer. You can better show your emotions and meaning using this free software.
Bandoo is a background software that adds features to messaging platforms such as Windows Messenger. This program adds new types of emoticons that can be exciting to some people, however it also adds advertisements to places that normally wouldn't have them. This makes it so that it can be frustrating to some people who dislike cluttering their experience with advertisements.
I have started using Bundoo to add cool smileys to my IM. After using it for a week, I could see that it has changed a lot of internet settings without asking for permission. I have even found the Bandoo controller was uploading 500kbs and it deducted my internet data balance in the background. This software is not allowing me to terminate it and it is running as a system file and uses a lot of CPU which is impacting my desktop performance.
Bandoo is a good program for people who want to have more emoticon as well as people who like adware. Moreover, the pros are that this program is totally free. In addition, the cons for Windows is that this software frequently causes problems and many users find it difficult to delete/uninstall this program on their computer or cellphone. In terms of technical security, the status is 27% dangerous which is very threatening to have this program install on your device.
Bandoo for Windows really is a great add-on! Bandoo for Windows is a free add-on that helps "spice" up your conversations/chats, by allowing you to add a variety of images. Honestly, this is a really nice feature. I have always had concerns about getting my point across to other people through messaging, instead of on face-to-face conversations. When typing a message to someone, or chatting with someone, I always go deep into the conversation, making a simple response or statement get drawn out! Bandoo for Windows, allows me to get my point across in a way that can be easily understood. Now, I don't have a need to type as much, since I can add a simple smiley face or other image to better express myself! Definitely, be sure to take advantage of this free add-on for Windows
Bandit is an executable file that adds emoticons to your browser. However, it is not recommended for installation as it contains adware, as well as disrupts and changes your computer’s settings. It can also allow viruses and is extremely difficult to delete. So beware before you decide to install this “malware” extension.
I ran a Microsoft Defender Antivirus and it detected Bandoo for Windows. It is a messaging program. It comes with emoticons and winks which makes it fun. I use it to chat with my friends. We love using the emoticons. It supports gmail, yahoo and msn so I can use them anywhere really. It also has some really cool animations. I love using it.
I love using Bandoo for Windows because it's a program that I've installed to spice up the messages that I send on my favorite messaging platforms. Not only is it compatible with Windows Messenger, but it's also fully compatible with a number of other popular services, including but not limited to Yahoo Messenger. Using this program you can add cool, fun and unique emoticons to your texts.
Cole G.
Bandoo is a free software application that provides a wide range of fun and expressive emoticons and other features to enhance instant messaging, email and other communication. Bandoo features a large animated library of emoticons and winks, a customizable interface, and an easy to use drag-and-drop feature to add fun to any conversation.
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