by Voicemod

Change your voice to sound like something else while chatting online

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Voicemod

Release: Voicemod

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Voicemod for Windows is a free tool that is used to change your voice in real time. This is a great tool for anyone who plays games or chats online and wants their real voice and identity concealed. Voicemod can let you change your voice to sound like a robot, a girl, to add autotune, and so much more. There are so many voice effects that come with this tool that would never let anyone know your true identity. Sometimes you want to play a game or get bored and want to chat online with other people while still keeping yourself private. This tool allows for just that.


  • The tool is free to download and use
  • Integrates with many other applications and games
  • Numerous voice effects to apply
  • Meme Sound Machine
  • The software looks like a soundboard
  • Change your voice in real time or just use talking mode
  • Takes only 20 minutes to download and set up
  • Can be used with mobile devices

There is no other tool like Voicemod on the market and it cannot even be compared to competitors. This software is not only free and easy to use, but it can also be used in so many different ways. Whether you want to keep your identity private while using the internet or want to pull a prank on your close friend, Voicemod will let you change your voice to do just that. The applications that it integrates with are endless and there is always support available if you run into any problems with the software. There is an easy to use interface to change your voice in real time, or if you want to save it to have some fun for later. You can even upload existing audio files to edit, making this a well-rounded tool to use, no matter what your needs are.

Change your voice in real time while chatting

 - Coming soon for MAC & Linux

Elle Jay
This app is an amazing idea. It disguises your voice so that you can sounds different while online. As a girl gamer, it can be really rough to be harassed all the time, and I would totally use this to disguise my voice so that I don't become a target. This is one of my favorite ideas yet.
Voicemod sounds like a cool application that you can download anywhere. From hiding your identity by portraying a different voice is great and gives people confidence. It's also cool that you can edit your voice on the fly.It only takes 20 minutes and you can edit previous audio from any device.
Kian Irizarry
Voicemod for Windows is a very unique, funny and experimental application tool that can be installed on Windows systems.It is definitely the best free voice changer for desktop! I really Love it! I would surely recommend it to everyone!
This voice changer for the PC allows me to alter anyone's voice. It works with multiple programs such as VRChat, Skype, and Fortnite. It's real time voice changer so it's altering the voice as the person is speaking. It's considered the best voice changer software out there. It's in V2 Beta so this is still very new. It's so exciting to be able to change my voice if I want to when I am talking to people online. It's just an added layer of security.
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