Multi Skype Launcher

Allows for connection of multiple Skype accounts at the same time

Operating system: Windows

Release: Multi Skype Launcher 1.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Multi Skype Launcher is a free tool that allows users to be connected to multiple Skype accounts at the same time on one computer. This often comes in handy when someone wants to be connected to a personal and professional account at the same time for whatever the reasons may be.


  • Allows use of multiple Skype accounts on one computer
  • Modifies Skype's behavior to allow for simultaneous connection
  • Configure accounts with an easy to use interface
  • Privacy policy to protect its users
  • Detailed installation process
  • Can have multiple chat windows open at once
  • Automatic login to accounts

Multi Skype Launcher is the solution for any user who needs to have multiple Skype accounts open at one time. This is an add-on to the original Skype software and does not modify any of its files. The functionality of this add-on allows users who may have multiple accounts that they would like to have open availability for use. You no longer have to log in and out or regularly switch accounts to talk to people who are linked to different accounts.

It allows for multiple uses of Skype accounts for free

One of the best parts of this tool is that it is entirely free and easy to use. The simplicity of the tool allows for the installation and login of multiple accounts with ease. Users can quickly be linked to all of their contacts through all of their accounts within minutes on the same computer. Prior to this tool, it was very complicated to be logged into multiple Skype accounts at once. The installation of this tool cancels out any of the difficulties that might have been present before simply be logged into two or more accounts at the same time. While Skype alone does not offer this, it is now made possible with the Multi Skype Launcher.

While it is free, there are some ads visible

Nick Ellis
The landing page is a bit simple but I thing the product itself is promising the ability to connect multiple skype accounts seems very useful. With this product multiple people can all manage their Skype accounts
Multi Skype Launcher is a seamless tool that allows me to stay connected with all of my Skype accounts. On one account I am able to talk with only friends and family and keep my information private, while on the others I am able to do whatever privately as well but separately.
There are times in life when more is better, and Skype accounts are one of those. However, Skype only allows you to run one account at a time, and this can be an irritation when you need to juggle several accounts. Multi Skype Launcher for Windows is a software that can solve this problem. It is a user-friendly solution that lets you add multiple Skype accounts and launch them all at the click of a button.
Robert Bozeman
Having the Multi Skype Launcher is a complete life saver for people who want to combine their personal and business accounts at the same time. The Multi Skype Launcher do not alter files that you have per account, and easy to configure (combine) them into one setting once you download the application. The only drawback is that you will need two cameras and microphones to have them work simultaneously, and do not show which accounts are open. However, this application is fairly easy to use if wanting to connect with multiple parties.
Multi Skype Launcher is one of the best application software tool which is used to link multiple Skype accounts at the same time in a single platform. Normally we can't connect multiple Skype accounts on any platform at the same time. This application software tool is a better choice to rectify that issue. This application software tool is so useful for easy to configure accounts. This application tool is so user-friendly to customers. This application software tool is applicable to all Windows Operating Systems.
easy to access may accounts at a same time.make pleasure to communicate people via this software.can be download it for free.can able to manage personal account and business account at a same time.
It would appear the Multi Skype Launcher is a useful tool for people wanting to communicate for different reasons fitting their lifestyle; work, friends, family. Multi skype launcher will make it easy for them to not have to log out and log back in to communicate. The platform is already signed in. Maybe not cost-effective since you have to use multiple cameras and multiple microphones to use this. The system should allow for you to be able to communicate with one microphone and one camera since people will not be talking to people in their groups at the exact same time.
The multi-skype launcher program is somewhat slow and not effective for internet users with low bandwidth capabilities. A high-speed connection is needed. The program is effective (again if the internet speed is plentiful) at allowing for multi skype logins to effectively multi-task meetings or personal calls. The availability of multicasting is effective but rarely used in my experience with the download. Since the start of the pandemic, amid multiple meetings for work-related duties, it has been used only on occasion, with a total of 4 uses coming to memory.
Multi Skype Launcher for Windows is ideal when you would like to use more than one skype account at any one time, without the hassle of having to use more than one device. It is very easy to set up with a simple configuration procedure. Adding accounts and launching the product can be done in just a few clicks. If you need to connect more than one skype account then a multi skype launcher is the software for you.
Using Multi Skype Launcher is very simple by downloading it. Configuring is very important The first step is to use the ADD button, multiple accounts can be added. Compatibility is flawless with this software. While other software having some restrictions such as work on a certain platform and operating system; but this software Multi skype Launcher worked on any device with no errors and no issues
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