Reduce launch time for a variety of apps

Operating system: Windows


Release: BatchPatch 2019.3.20.16

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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About this product: BatchPatch is a software management tool that simplifies many processes. BatchPatch only works in the Windows operating systems, because it is associated with Microsoft. The processes that it simplifies include patching, deployment, and the updating process. This software is extremely beneficial because it will save its users both time and money. BatchPatch includes one-click deployment services. Users can either monitor the patches that are happening in real-time or can set up the patches to be deployed on an automatic schedule. Users are able to deploy software and scripts to all of their systems that are already on their Microsoft or Windows computer. This program is used to patch and reboot programs that users have on their computer so that the time it takes to launch those programs is shortened.


  • This software saves users time and money by streamlining computer processes.
  • This software works on thousands of types of computers, workstations, laptops, servers, physical, online, and even virtual systems.
  • Many third-party applications are able to be deployed by BatchPatch. This is helpful because the whole point of having BatchPatch is that it will work to reduce the launch time for many applications that users have on their computers.
  • Users are able to gain control over what computers or tablets of theirs are able to have access to updates and deployment. 

BatchPatch enables users to set up single-click routines that will be able to handle reboots, deployments, and updates. Users are able to automate their patching with tasks that the user can schedule themselves. The BatchPatch program executes actions automatically once the program is set up. The user is able to pick what patches are deployed at what time and at what rate. The main benefit that users will experience when they install BatchPatch is that when they are launching programs on their computer, the time that it takes for those programs and applications to deploy will be dramatically reduced. 

Saves time for users when they are launching and deploying various third-party apps on their computers.

For one user, BatchPatch costs $399. It works for the Windows and Microsoft operating systems.

Farid Rajabi
I have great confidence in the program that is compatible with Microsoft and its products. Time savings are important to me, and I think this program can be very functional.
Brodie Layne
Having the BatchPatch, catchy word pun also, execute software deployments dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to deploy software and updates, and initiate the download and or installation of Windows updates on various remote computers at the same time. While working for IT, the BatchPatch program contains genuine strong power for Microsoft Windows patch management without interruption or manual batch fills.
BatchPatch is a great tool to have if you need to patch up any Windows servers or workstations. This program has a lot of range, so it's flexible enough to meet the unique demands that organizations of any size might face. BatchPatch makes it easy to download and obtain updates for your devices, or to install the software that you need across your network.
Robbie Blesi
BatchPatch is an automated patch management tool for Windows networks. It allows you to quickly and easily perform bulk patching of Windows computers/servers, audit installed hotfixes, and scan for missing patches. It supports remote execution of batch scripts, PowerShell scripts, and other commands. BatchPatch makes it easy to deploy and manage patches and hotfixes to all of your Windows systems.
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