by Sysinternals

Know how memory is being used

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sysinternals

Release: RAMMap 1.52

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This download is used to see how ram and memory are being used on your pc if you were ever curious about it. I didn't know that I was curious about it until I started learning about this download. It's easy and free to download and is compatible with most computers and Windows 10. It also analyses the amount of memory is being used where for example, all of the applications on your pc. Even if you aren't tech savvy the way it is set up allows users to take control of their level of understanding of where memory is stored and where the most RAMM is being used. I didn't think I would be able to gain much of an understanding of what was going on with how the memory was stored but it was all laid out for me with color-coded tabs. It's very simple for anyone to understand. There are different tabs that help layout the information that you are looking for and make it easier to find. What you do with that information is completely up to you. You can even move files from pc to pc with a thumb drive using the same download. 


  • Simple to use interface
  • Gives you knowledge over where the most memory is being used
  • Easy to download and understand
  • Valuable information given that's simple to understand
  • Free to download on almost any device
  • compatible with windows 10
  • Provides support for you to decide what to do with the information

It's a fairly new download, it hasn't been downloaded that many times as of yet but it is something that can be useful for anyone. I have always wondered how the computer decides where to use the most RAM and now with this download, I can see how it all works and learn how to store it in my own way. It's worth the download even if you don't change anything at least gain a better understanding of the background processes of your own pc.

It helps let you know how memory and ram are allocated on your pc

Operating system windows 10

Jane Adams
RAMMap is an excellent tool that puts your own memory usage at your fingertips. As someone whose system is always being taken up by a number of processes, this is a handy way for me to see how my memory is being utilized and areas where I might be able to make some improvements in the way my system is run.
A program that shows how the RAM and memory are being used in a windows based computer system. It is compatible with windows 10 and shows where most of the memory is being used in the computer.
RamMap is Windows 10 compatible software that reports on your RAM memory usage. It shows how much memory is being used by each app that is currently running on your PC. It shows where the most memory is being consumed.
Noah Shumaker
Very informational page. i like how the name of the author is listed and visible. There are also a lot of links and website links included as well. The first thing i noticed was the download icon. Makes it look easy to use.
RAMMap is the normal software which shows understanding of the windows managing memory.And to analyze the ram usage and memory usage,the processors nworking different sets sizes.Then individual page physical size.it requires very small size of data.
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