Battery EEPROM Works

by Rafos International Engineering Lab

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rafos International Engineering Lab

Last revision: Last week

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Battery EEPROM Works is a program that makes it easy to repair and replace laptop batteries. It can be used to make changes to the EEPROM controller and thus correct the charge indicator. The fact is that after replacing the battery, the controller can continue to show the data relevant to the old battery. In addition, EEPROM problems can occur regardless of the battery status. If you suddenly find that the indicator shows a sufficient level of laptop charge, but it still turns off due to lack of power, then the problem may be in the controller, not in the battery itself.

Battery EEPROM Works helps with all the above problems. With its help you can "flush" the controller and make it work correctly. The program is able to read and write SMBus data, create dumps and reports, as well as reset all parameters to their factory values by pressing a single key. Battery EEPROM Works is a universal solution. The program works with Atmel, NXP Semiconductors, Renesas Technology, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Mikron Sitronics, STMicroelectronics, Samsung, SmarfTech, Aplus Flash Technology and some others.

In general, it is an indispensable tool for service centers. If you don't have the slightest idea about the device and functioning of EEPROM, it will be quite difficult to use the program. However, in the network you can find a lot of information on the controller firmware and if you decide to take on its repair yourself, we recommend you to get acquainted with, so to speak, the "match".

- controller firmware EEPROM battery;

- Read and write SMBus data;

- creation of dumps in BIN format;

- Creation of reports on the work done in the TXT format;

- Resetting of the EEPROM parameters to factory default values;

- support for a huge number of controllers from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Oliver (unverified)
This software product is very important as all batteries eventually need to be replaced because they slowly start to suffer and can no longer hold power for as long. This software helps get new batteries to help with laptop repair.
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