Beyond Compare

by Scooter Software

Data comparison utility for windows servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Scooter Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Beyond Compare is a utility designed to compare different things like text files, folders, archives, FTP sites, etc. Use the program to manage the source code, synchronize folders, compare different versions of a program and validate CD copies.

Although Beyond Compare supports automatic functions, the main purpose of the program is to help you analyze the differences in detail and carefully coordinate them with a wide range of commands over files and text operations.

Beyond Compare marks the differences in information about the files or folders being compared. Beyond Compare is not limited to comparing folders and files on the host computer itself. The program can also compare folders and files over the network or via FTP. It is possible to view files like folders, such as ZIP or CAB archives, in the same way as folders.

Beyond Compare can also create a folder-like file called a "snapshot". Snapshots show the contents of a folder at a certain time, but they do not show the actual contents of the files in that folder. The main components of Beyond Compare are side-by-side Folder Viewer and side-by-side File Viewer.

- compares text files;

- compares folders, zip-archives, ftp sites;

- can update websites;

- combines code changes;

- compares different releases of the same program.

This has been a really useful software for me as I often need to compare multiple files and this does just that. Previously, when I wanted to compare certain attributes of my files, I would either not be able to find what I was looking for or my computer would run slow. This app lets my computer run just fine, and better yet, lets me filter by what I want to compare by.
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