by Giuseppe di Grande

An accessible word processor particularly designed for visually impaired people.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Giuseppe di Grande

Release : Biblos 5.7

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you know there are almost 43 million people in the world suffering from moderate to severe visual impairment? Such people cannot read or understand the common alphabet and use the braille system as a means of written language. For their convenience, Biblos is designed as an efficient online application. 

This software allows you to modify electronic documents, create tactile graphics, edit files, or print documents into audiobooks and MP3 formats. It also contains special characters for Braille users so they can read or write content without any hassle. In this program, you’ll get a free text editor with Braille translation and numerous other adjustment features.


Biblos is equipped with the latest speech synthesis technology to convert text into audiobooks so blind or poor-visioned users can get help.

  • A powerful application that processes digital documents into multiple formats to make them readable for everyone, especially the blind.
  • It uses the latest technology of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to understand written and printed text or see image content. 
  • For Braille users, it contains special characters and also converts text or files into audiobooks. 
  • Users can create tactile graphics, convert documents into other formats, or print them in Braille. 
  • Biblos offers a friendly and customizable user interface that is easily accessible to visually impaired people. 
  • It has a special Biblos Interface Editor to customize the interface and localize it into different languages, including Greek and Russian. 

The best thing about this innovative software is it is built for everyone and people with visual impairment can take greater benefit. Moreover, it does not involve complex technical operations so a layman can easily print any book, document, or large files. Many people use it to read Bible as Biblos provides Greek translation to its users. 

The application is easy to integrate and you can use different elements such as fonts, tables, images, notes, numbered lists, bullets, or other word-processing tools. Using the tactile graphics language, Biblos allows users to create tactile pictures with a mouse and keyboard. You can install this robust software now and access all of its features for free. 


Computer must support screen readers.
Requires text-to-speech capabilities.
Requires a multilingual interface.

Supports text to Braille and text-to-speech conversion.
Works with various screen readers for broad accessibility.
Multilingual and compatible with different document formats.

Limited customer support and troubleshooting options.
Interface might seem dated and less intuitive.
May have compatibility issues with certain assistive tools.
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