MatchWare MindView

by MatchWare DevTeam

The ideal mind mapping and project management software for everyone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MatchWare DevTeam

Release : MatchWare MindView 9.0.31206

Antivirus check: passed

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If you’re a project manager, teacher, or student, you have to deal with large amounts of information every day. The best way to sort bulk data is by using mind mapping software like MatchWare MindView. It is an educational software that allows you to organize content using the right management tools. The ready-to-use templates are explicitly designed to help you in making quick presentations or create complex diagrams with a single click.

To enhance the executive and problem-solving skills of individuals, MatchWare MindView has a built-in source feature so you can organize your research and sort data in different folders. Wizards and professional clipart have also been added to assist in the creation process. Using this tool, you can also make Gantt charts and add branches or sub-branches to your mind map. For authenticity and transparency, hyperlinks or attachments can also be added so you get everything on one centralized platform.


  • A visualization or management software to organize and share your ideas in a more professional way.
  • It allows users to sort information and present their data by creating Gantt charts, diagrams, branches or pre-branches.
  • The AI assistance is added to help you in breaking down complex structures so you can unleash your creative skills.
  • You can get help from ready-to-use templates to make quick project reports, presentations, and research papers.
  • It features an enhanced research toolbar so you can easily copy text and add relevant links, images, or video recordings. This way, you can make your information more precise and accurate.
  • This application works with all kinds of devices, including Android, Windows, and MacOS.

Once you’ve created your ideal mind map, MatchWare MindView allows you to export it to your local storage or drive folder. It integrates highly with third-party apps like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Thus, you can easily turn your ideas into a printable document with a single mouse click. Install it now to unlock your creative possibilities and organize your work in a highly efficient way.

MatchWare MindView helps in visual presentation of ideas by organizing information in a mind map so you can simplify your workflow.
Windows or Mac operating system
Integration with Microsoft Office
Ability for real-time collaboration
Facility to export in various formats

Integrates seamlessly with all MS Office applications.
Facilitates real-time collaboration among multiple users.
Great tool for project management with task tracking.

Steep learning curve for new users.
May lag with larger, complex maps.
Limited integrations with other productivity tools.
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