Diff Checker

by Checker Software Inc.

A feature-packed tool to compare text, images, and documents.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Checker Software Inc.

Release : Diff Checker 5.5.5

Antivirus check: passed

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Many times it happens that you have two versions of the same file or two images with somewhat similar illustrations. Under such situations, it becomes difficult to see the difference between two closely related data files. That’s where data comparison tools like Diff Checker are used. It is a powerful software that allows you to figure out the differential points between two documents so you can get a live summary of the changes.

The working principle of this application is pretty straightforward. You have to copy the text and paste it into separate boxes to see the difference. Once the text or image is pasted, the software will automatically detect the unique content within seconds. The best thing is it not only points out text but also displays the characters, words, phrases, and sentences. Thus, you can see every single piece of content in a single layout.


  • A data comparison tool that spotlights key differences between two files or images.
  • It automatically shows changes in both files so you can quickly modify the data or make necessary edits.
  • You can simply paste the text or upload files and images from your drive folder. Once uploaded, the software will automatically generate changes in the content.
  • It supports different types of text formats, including TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX and the most common image formats, such as PNG or JPG.
  • It saves time and generates accurate comparison reports, which can be exported in printable document form or saved to the local storage device.
  • The modern and sleek interface allows the software to run on all kinds of operating systems, including Windows 7,8,9,10, and 11.

Diff Checker is widely used to scan two similar or distinct documents and images so that you can make changes and merge the files into a single usable format. It supports multiple users, meaning you can use it on more than one device without any restrictions. Get it now to manage your invoices, contracts or codes in a distraction-free environment.

Diff Checker Spots differences between two documents or images so you can compare them and make edits where required.
OS: Windows, macOS, Linux
Minimum 512MB RAM
50MB free disk space
Internet connection for online comparisons

Clear, color-coded comparison results.
Saves and shares comparison results.
Supports a wide range of file types.

May struggle with large and complex files.
Does not support comparison across multiple files.
No built-in file editing or merging capabilities.
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