Free Flow Chart Maker
A free online tool to effortlessly make interactive flowcharts
Diff Checker
A feature-packed tool to compare text, images, and documents.
MatchWare MindView
The ideal mind mapping and project management software for everyone
A basic software solution to quickly read the data stored in CSV spreadsheets
Net Present Value Calculator
A simple tool to calculate the investment potential of a property
A free, open-source software to check errors or imperfections in the PCB designs
PostScript Viewer
A personal use application to easily view the postscript files in Windows.
A mind mapping program to help with research and planning
A lightweight and highly intuitive document viewer that supports multiple formats
An educational utility designed to access your children’s activities on internet.
A Vietnamese keyboard-input utility program
An innovative text-entry interface used in place of a full-sized keyboard
A memorization tool based on flashcards so you don’t forget anything
PDF Agile
An all-rounder software that provides PDF management solutions.
A software tool to search text in multiple files
Free eBook Reader
A free eBook reader that is widely used for digital reading purposes
Open Mind
Open Mind is a mind-mapping tool for students and professionals
Tracks the working hours and attendance of employees
A software for Car Dealing that links with Sage for sales of used cars, leasing companies, and more.
An accessible word processor particularly designed for visually impaired people.
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