by Tom Hall

A biological sequence editor popular in applied molecular biology

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tom Hall

Release: BioEdit 7.0.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BioEdit is basically a complicated and high-powered text editor.  It is a tool for molecular biologists and lab techs that need to work with a biological gene or DNA sequences, and that has features that are specifically designed with these users in mind.  It will make your work more efficient by automating common tasks and making the data easier to work with.  It is able to link your work with various features at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) for ease of analysis, and can also connect with other common analysis toolkits.  Overall this makes it one of the most popular tools for molecular biologists.

The interface of the program is complicated and it will take some time for beginners to get comfortable, as is common for any more powerful analysis tool. Also, the documentation package is good, which will aid in learning.  The main goal will be to improve the process of editing and aligning sequences.  The program allows users to interface with drag and drop using the mouse as well as through the dropdown feature menus with additional analysis options and ability to tag and apply different background colors to sequences to stay organized. 

This program is no longer maintained by the developer, however, there does remain an online community using the tool.  So while there is no official technical support, you can still find help online and the basic documentation package is already quite robust as mentioned.  

Freeware licence and ease of use make it one of the most popular tools for molecular biologists

  • Multiple modes for Plasmid drawing
  • Built-in ClustalW Alignment
  • Built-in Blast searches
  • Can connect to NCBI feature bank at the National Center for Biotechnology Information government webpage at (part of the National Library of Medicine within the National Institutes of Health)
  • Can be used with BioLign as well
  • Also integrated with the NCBI GenBank for easy annotation
  • Import data in multiple formats including ASN, MSF, and ALN

Older robust tool, freeware, effective.  If you work in this field you're probably already using this.  

This is a great product for everyone that works from home on a computer. It helps get pages lined up and makes work go smoother for the ones always on their computer and doing big tasks for work. It’s easy to use and I would recommend it to friends and coworkers. This is a all around good product.
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