Bluetooth Driver Installer


Operating system: Windows


Last revision: Last week

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Using BlueTooth is one of the best ways to connect your devices. Often there is a situation when you need to download something from your computer to your phone / communicator, and the desired wiring is lost somewhere. And that's when we think of the wonderful wireless technology of data transmission. It is good if the device drivers installed on BlueTooth are fresh and working - in this case, synchronization will go smoothly. What if the PC can't see the device to be connected? This question is not new, and before rushing to the Internet for the right driver, it is better to simply download and install Bluetooth Driver Installer.

The utility is a universal wizard for setting up a Bluetooth connection. It checks the device drivers of the connected devices and modifies them to run the corresponding system services. If this process of changing drivers is incorrect, the program allows you to "roll back" to the automatically created recovery points and restore the previous settings.

- Automatically solve compatibility problems of connected devices;

- Modification of installed drivers;

- creation of recovery points;

- is free to download.

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