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PowerStrip is an application that allows you to adjust monitor settings. It supports the configuration of multiple monitors with advanced parameters and a lot of video cards: from the ancient Matrox Millennium I to the latest, such as the ATI X1800 and S3 Chrome 20.

In fact, the PowerStrip utility is the only program that simultaneously supports multiple video cards from different manufacturers. A simple menu that can be accessed from the tray provides access to approximately 500 graphics card settings, including sophisticated color correction tools, screen geometry corrections, and an independent flicker frequency control driver.

The program will be able to determine all the parameters and settings of the screen, adjust the gamut, change the performance and even the clock frequency of the monitor. All changes will be canceled if the program is simply closed.

With the help of hotkeys you can easily change the monitor settings, even if you are running a game or some other application. And remember that this program has a specially designed protocol for hardware frequency control of the monitor, which will automatically prevent switching the clock frequency of the screen to the minimum value, i.e. 60 Hz, regardless of which operating system you use.

A special wizard will help you to quickly and easily install the program. An extensive context-sensitive help is available for all values. The program knows how to automatically update, so you can always be sure that you are using the newest version.

The program supports various operating systems and, in particular, their tools for performance tuning. Also in this utility there is an extensive collection of tools for system diagnostics, there is a possibility to manage desktop shortcuts, with the help of this program it is possible to set up PCIe and AGP devices, optimize the RAM, set up the display and much more.

I recently purchased a PowerStrip for my home office. I needed more outlets for electronics and wanted something to protect my electronics incase of a power outage. I ended up getting the power surge with 12 outlets. I am very happy with my purchase. The only issue is that the cord is only eight inches but it is good quality.
PowerStrip is a very useful tool if you're having problems with software on your computer. Sometimes the graphics card you're using can result in software issues. What PowerStrip does is provides hardware support to a range of different graphics cards. If you're having problems this is well worth trying, it's not guaranteed to fix all issues but it can fix some.
As part of its name suggests,PowerStrip is a sturdy windows program used to check and optimise the graphical efficiency of a users PC.It basically enhances Multi-monitor,advanced and easy to programme hardware support to numerous graphics cards ranging from the Matrox Millennium I to the latest ATIX850 let alone the NVIdia SLI solutions.It is advantageous as it is said to be unique in supporting multiple graphics cards ranging from Multiple chipset vendors,concurrently,within the various Operating systems.It has a trial version which is programmed in English and would therefore help a user in generating graphics efficiency
PowerStrip for Window software aloud its users to inspect and make more efficient the graphics in the PC. With a basic window displayed in the menu bar of your desktop you can have access to the performance profiles, color profiles, display profiles, application profiles and in the option section you can have access to the preferences desktop actions an others options that help you with task like support multiples graphics cards at the same time, color correction and driver individual clock control, all these made this software really easy to use and a good option when you need to check and make more efficient the function of any new o second hand graphic card that you want to use.
Powerstrip is one latest software and it can be used for graphics card in windows. It gives advanced features to graphics card like multi monitor and programmable hardware. We can able to run this in latest Windows version also. User can able to upgrade latest powerstrip version their own. Finally it is one good software for Windows and also it is user friendly eay to use.
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