BrainWave Generator

by Noromaa Solutions

An application that creates soothing audio beats to help with relaxation and meditation

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Publisher: Noromaa Solutions

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BrainWave Generator is a program for changing brain waves. During brain activity it may be dominated by certain frequencies, this is explained by the fact that large groups of neurons generate electrical impulses, the frequency of which depends on current activity, for example, when a person sleeps, he has predominant waves of 1.5-3 Hertz (Delta-rhythm), and when actively engaged in something, it will be higher - 14-30 Hz (Beta-rhythm).

The principle of the program is based on the phenomenon of binaural rhythms, the essence of which is as follows: the predominant frequency of the brain changes due to the synchronization of the hemispheres by means of stereophonic audio system. What happens is that the headphones are simultaneously supplied with sounds of certain frequencies with a small difference between the channels, a difference that will change the brain waves. For example, if you play 103 Hz in the right ear and 100 Hz in the left ear, then after a certain period of time the brain will be dominated by the frequency of 3 Hz.

BrainWave Generator generates sounds of the specified frequency according to the selected template. The basic set with the program includes 28 ready-made templates. In addition, they can be created by yourself, for this purpose there is a built-in editor, or downloaded from the developer's website. The program can be used for a variety of purposes: relaxation, sleep and meditation facilitation, or vice versa, to increase productivity and concentration. However, it should be remembered that the brain is a very complex system, which is not yet fully understood, so you should use such things with caution, especially if you have health problems.

- generation of binaural rhythms;

- Sound System Setup Wizard;

- a large number of ready-made templates;

- easy control;

- the ability to create your own templates.

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If you’re one that can’t sleep or you have a fascination with your brain and how it works, BrainWave Generator is the software you need to try. This software allows you to alter brainwaves to improve sleep and meditation, along with other benefits. It gives you the option to download templates from their website or create your own to see how your brain reacts.
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BrainWave Generator is a brain-stimulation application that creates sounds with binaural beats. It can be used for relaxation, meditation, enhancing learning capabilities, sleep induction, self-hypnosis, and more
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Ewan L.

BrainWave Generator is a brainwave entrainment software program that uses sound to stimulate the brain's activity. It produces binaural beat frequencies that can be used to enhance relaxation, creativity, focus, meditation and other mental states. The software provides a range of customizable options such as setting the frequency, duration, and intensity of the sound, as well as adding visuals and altering the overall soundscape. BrainWave Generator can be used for personal and professional purposes, such as for relaxation, stress reduction, peak performance, lucid dreaming and more.
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Dylan V*****a

I have been using BrainWave Generator software for a few months now and I can definitely say that it has helped me to relax. The interface is very user-friendly, so it is easy to use. I particularly like the meditation feature, as it helps me to stay focused and calm my mind. There are many sound files to choose from, and the overall sound quality is very good. I also appreciate that the software provides an easy way to keep track of my progress. The customer support is also very helpful and responsive. All in all, I can say that BrainWave Generator is a great tool to help people relax and focus.
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