by Celtx

Screenwriting and media pre-production software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Celtx

Release: Celtx 2.9.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9834

Celtx is a free powerful cross-platform, cloud-based screenwriting and media pre-production software that helps you organize all-encompassing elements of creating your media project. Celtx has over six million active users today.


  • Screenwriting and text editors
  • Collaborative - one file that can be edited with multiple users engaged
  • Has a publisher for the community to view your media project and add their comments on your project
  • Has a few scheduling tools to make sure you complete your project on time and to set-up meetings or media shootings.
  • Storyboard creation which can be printed or viewed through a built-in animation tool
  • Sketch or draw scenes to add to the storyboard with Celtx Shot Blocker
  • On-call customer service representatives are available to you

Celtx is the ideal software for writing, breaking-down, creating a storyboard, scheduling, and budgeting for your media project. Due to it's a cloud-based platform, there is one master file to make the organization of your production more streamlined. While all main services provided by Celtx are free - there are a few tools within the software that can be purchased to optimize your user-experience and have more unique aspects implemented into your media project.

It's a free open-source software

Celtx is easy-to-learn if you're a beginner in the field and designed to incorporate real-time collaboration with your team. Any aspect of your project: characters, objects, mechanics, etc., can all be instantly found, defined, and tracked within Celtx's in-depth asset management tools that are built into the software itself. If any portion of the pre-production process is confusing, customer service representatives are taught to give you hands-on training so you can learn to master the software, even with no experience at all.

Celtx is available online or offline, and also has a mobile app so you can design on the go! The ability to edit offline is going to cost $10 and can be purchased through Celtx's online store.

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