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Celtx is a free powerful cross-platform, cloud-based screenwriting and media pre-production software that helps you organize all-encompassing elements of creating your media project. Celtx has over six million active users today.


  • Screenwriting and text editors
  • Collaborative - one file that can be edited with multiple users engaged
  • Has a publisher for the community to view your media project and add their comments on your project
  • Has a few scheduling tools to make sure you complete your project on time and to set-up meetings or media shootings.
  • Storyboard creation which can be printed or viewed through a built-in animation tool
  • Sketch or draw scenes to add to the storyboard with Celtx Shot Blocker
  • On-call customer service representatives are available to you

Celtx is the ideal software for writing, breaking-down, creating a storyboard, scheduling, and budgeting for your media project. Due to it's a cloud-based platform, there is one master file to make the organization of your production more streamlined. While all main services provided by Celtx are free - there are a few tools within the software that can be purchased to optimize your user-experience and have more unique aspects implemented into your media project.

It's a free open-source software

Celtx is easy-to-learn if you're a beginner in the field and designed to incorporate real-time collaboration with your team. Any aspect of your project: characters, objects, mechanics, etc., can all be instantly found, defined, and tracked within Celtx's in-depth asset management tools that are built into the software itself. If any portion of the pre-production process is confusing, customer service representatives are taught to give you hands-on training so you can learn to master the software, even with no experience at all.

Celtx is available online or offline, and also has a mobile app so you can design on the go! The ability to edit offline is going to cost $10 and can be purchased through Celtx's online store.

Celtx 2.0 (15.08 MB)
Celtx 2.9.1 (14.86 MB)
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a free powerful cross-platform, cloud-based screenwriting and media pre-production software that helps you organize all-encompassing elements of creating your media project. Celtx has over six million active users today
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This software is just fantastic. I'm a college student and I've used this software several times to collaborate with other classmates allowing me to save a ton of time.
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It allows for people to write scripts and help prepare for a production shoot. For anyone who is trying to make their own video or produce their own content, Celtx is very good. It is easy to use and it is something that anyone can get a handle on. Also, it is helpful for teams who are working remotely and have to communicate long distances.
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Adam Sheffield

This product has a very streamlined design and looks very modern, it also has many useful tools that are always in view. For a user that is proficient with computers it would be great software, but for somebody a bit less proficient it can be a bit overwhelming as there are a lot of different options and menus
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Celtx is the perfect product to write scripts with for movies. Why? this is because both you and your teams can work on the file in real-time, increasing efficiency. However Celtx also allows for you to have the budget within the document by selecting a specific word/section, and in the end, it will be available in an excel-style sheet. You can also use the software to display everyone on the team's schedule making it easy for irl collaboration.
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This software is used to screenwritting app for create ads, games, tv, film, etc,. We can be work as seprate or groups. There is no need to install this software. We can be use on website. Basic features are free. If you subscribe, you can access many tools.
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Alfie Y********f

Celtx is a free, cloud-based media pre-production platform designed to help filmmakers, writers, and other content creators organize their projects. It features scriptwriting, storyboarding, scheduling, budgeting, and production tracking tools, as well as media asset management, collaboration tools, and cloud storage.
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Jude E********m

I have been using Celtx software for some time now. It is a great resource for script writing and storyboarding. The application is easy to use and has lots of features to help you write a script. I especially like that it allows you to break down your script into scenes and characters. It also has a range of pre-made templates for different genres of scripts. I'm also impressed with how well it works with cloud-based storage, allowing me to access my documents from anywhere. Celtx has made it much easier to write scripts, and I'm glad to have it in my toolkit.
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Max Rolloff

Celtx is a great tool for planning out media projects. It's easy to use, with plenty of templates for different types of projects. The online version has a great collaborative feature for working with a team. There are a lot of features and options to customize your project. The tutorials are helpful for getting started.
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Lewis Mandley

Celtx is a user-friendly software for scriptwriting and pre-production planning, which offers a variety of helpful writing tools and templates.
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Adam H*******f

Celtx software is a comprehensive project management tool that offers a wide range of features for writers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals.
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